The Perfect Haircolor for Fall

As the leaves change to brilliant colors of orange and red and you get out your leather coat and fall boots, don’t forget to update one of the most obvious parts of your appearance: your hair. Hair colors, like fabric texture and clothing shades, can also vary by the season. In congruence with your fall wardrobe, this year’s fall hair has brilliant shades reminiscent of the season. Blondes can go from a sun-bleached summer color to a richer golden hue. Brunettes can try caramel highlights to add dimension or a deep chocolate-brown color. Red-heads can experiment with a brighter shade to stand out next to tan and brown apparel. If you decided to make a seasonal color transition, keep in mind that the color should not only look great for fall but also compliment your eyes and skin tone. There are options in all of the shades suggested for people of every coloring; ask a trusted stylist for advice for the best look for you. Who knows, you might even like your new color so much that you keep it around all winter long!

Packing for a Weekend Trip

With Columbus Day approaching, the girls at New to You are feeling the need for a “mini-cation.” Taking a three day weekend or planning an overnight trip can be a great activity to do alone, with a significant other, or a good friend. Going to the country or visiting another city can help you get away from it all, but packing for such an event can be tedious. We have compiled the following tips to help you prepare for spontaneity on your trip while still carrying a light load:
1. Take clothes with many different uses. A shirt-dress can be worn to dinner by itself and dressed down for day with jeans.
2. Wear comfortable shoes and pack dress-up ones. While traveling with only one pair of shoes is tempting, if that pair is an uncomfortable set of heels, wearing them for three days straight is not worth the trouble. Travel in comfy shoes and carry the heels for later on, if you need them at all.
3. Put your own toiletries in smaller bottles. Avoid having to use cheap, complimentary hotel shampoo by filling old sample bottles with your own brand and taking it with you in a small zip-lock bag.
4. Protect your clothes and luggage while saving space by double-bagging your bathroom supplies in two zip-lock bags. They can easily fit in with your outfits while protecting from accidental spillage.
5. Wear jewelry that can go with any outfit so you only have to bring one set. This will prevent you from misplacing excess accessories and make it easy to pack and change locations.
6. Get a practical overnight bag. We love the kind that have rolling wheels, are expandable, and can also be carried as a back-pack. Extra pockets for all of your belongings are always a plus.
7. Don’t forget your camera, cell phone and battery chargers to stay in touch and capture your trip!
8. Choose an exciting destination and hit the road!