Green Giving

This year, green giving is not only a hip trend to follow, but a way to help Mother Earth during the holiday season. And what better way to recycle and reuse than by giving a vintage gift! A brooch, necklace, or scarf can be a great option for the women on your list, while leather gloves or a smart hat can be perfect for the men. Not only are you promoting green behavior, but you are also passing on a timeless piece to the next generation. You can even wrap your presents in an earth-friendly way, by using part of the gift as your wrapping, such as covering your main gift with a festive scarf. Gift bags and clever wrapping papers, like the Sunday funnies or vintage newspapers from antiques shops, can cut down on paper waste. If you need any advice in choosing a green, reusable gift, stop by New to You and check out our selection of vintage gifts.

Snowed In

As winter weather creates the promise of a “White Christmas” around the country, there is nothing better to do than avoiding the elements by curling up next to the fire and watching classic holiday films. “It’s A Wonderful Life,” “Babes in Toyland,” and “A Christmas Carol” top the list of films with plenty of holiday cheer, and some even offer great fashion looks to emulate. For inspiration for a classic holiday look, check out Rosemary Clooney in “White Christmas.” Soft curls, red lipstick, and festive attire complete a holiday ensemble so stunning that it attracts the attention of Bing Crosby! So, if the weather is frightful, stay inside, grab a mug of hot cocoa, and get some fashion inspiration from these holiday classics.


Great Style Books

I enjoyed a couple of books recently that really spoke to what it is that we do here at New to You.

The first one is Lucky Guide to Mastering any Style by Kim France and Andrea Linett and the second one is Who Do You Want To Be Today: Be Inspired to Dress Differently by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine.

I found both fashion books intriguing because they really ask that you look at the way you express yourself. When you get dressed each and every day it always seems to be such a challenge. For many of us, we just put on the body whatever is the easiest item that just covers us up. It requires little or no thought to dress this way and seems safe. This ususally seems to be the "uniform" that we wear ALL THE TIME. Dressing ourselves is one of the easiest ways that we can express our real selves but if this is true than many of us are in a murky rut. It does seem that many times we forget that we are women, not bosses, not mothers, not wives, not grandmothers, but women... first and foremost.

These books make us say to ourselves, Who am I and what image am I presenting to the world?
Are you Euro Chic, Arty Slick, American Classic, Bombshell or are you dressed like you are taking out the garbage? Like it or not we are always being judged and these books help us clarify our inner and outer selves. Dressing and presenting ourselves to the world can be really hard work but these books help ease the pain a bit.


The Jet Set: Travel (and Dress) Smart

The holiday season sends many of us on trains, planes, and buses to the homes of loved ones during the most congested travel time of the year. The girls at New to You have come up with some tips for dressing and packing comfortably, yet fashionably, when battling the holiday crowds.
1. Don’t wear heels. Women in high-heels during the holiday airport rush just appear to be in pain. Additionally, running, especially on moving walkways, creates a veritable health risk when trying to catch a flight in stilettos. If you really need to wear them upon arriving, bring them in your carry-on and put them on before reaching baggage-claim.
2. Remember to pack your carry-on liquids in zip-lock bags. The TSA allows a limited amount of liquids in your carry-on, so if possible, put them in your checked baggage. However, if it is essential that you have them with you, make sure to check the guidelines ahead of time and pack accordingly, because you don’t want your designer perfume or expensive hand lotion to be confiscated by the TSA!
3. Being able to quickly identify your luggage saves you a lot of time at baggage check. Instead of opting for a neon-green bag, look for luggage tags with fun prints or colors that let you know which piece is yours, without screaming it to the rest of the passengers.
4. Dress in layers. While running to catch a train or standing in close quarters can make you warm, the cold weather and airflow on buses and trains will make you regret that sleeveless shirt. Try scarves, pull-overs, and cardigans that can easily be added or subtracted.
With these tips in mind, you are ready to travel! Make sure to book your tickets early, arrive at the airport in plenty of time, and pack your sense of humor: everyone’s a little frazzled this time of year!

Holiday Fashion: Warm Leggings and Forgiving Dresses

It’s a yearly dilemma: you want to look good for holiday celebrations with family and friends, but you also want to eat. A lot. What’s a girl to do? Pair leggings or tights, a winter fashion staple, with a knit or cotton jersey dress. The tights will help keep everything, well, tight, while the dress can hide all those snacks. This season’s loose-waisted bubble dresses accomplish this goal perfectly.
To make it extra-festive, accessorize! To keep away from cheesy reds and greens, instead pair winter colors, like royal purple or light blue, with deep grays or black. Add glittery jewelry that sparkles like the snow. Bright scarves or a hat and leather boots will keep you warm as you venture out into the elements. Now, go eat all those appetizers and look fabulous at the same time. Who knows, you might meet someone under the mistletoe!


Thanksgiving Outfits

I love the Thanksgiving holiday. I like to think that I am always thankful for all the good things in my life but I get a kick out of having a dedicated day of thanksgiving. I love preparing the special dinner and getting together with some of my favorite people. Of course, one of the most fun things to do is to come up with a fabulous outfit to wear while eating masses of delicious food. Comfort is key as well as looking good. You can't just throw something on and expect to look at pictures later on and be happy with what you see. Go for that cozy cashmere sweater with a comfy skirt or your best, sexy jeans with boots. If you are wearing your Hermes scarf...take it off before you eat! Now is the time to wear your Granny's pieces of jewelry that she has gifted to you; those heirloom pieces will bring joy to the table. Enjoy.


Last Minute Costumes: Halloween Chic for Under $10

It’s noon. You have to go to the office Halloween party in six hours, and you are without a costume and on a budget. Never fear, the girls at New to You have come up with some brilliant, quick ideas to make you look great for less with one stop at the drugstore.
Quick Costume Number One: Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton. With the election only days after Halloween, dressing as your “favorite” female candidate can be clever and fun. For a Sarah Palin look, try a bright button up with a sleek black skirt. Go heavy on the foundation, blush, and mauve lip gloss, and throw your hair into a teased updo with curled bangs if you have them. Grab some Palin-shaped reading glasses at the drug-store and pop out the lenses if they are too strong to see through. Total cost: about 6 dollars for glasses. Hillary Clinton can be achieved with a bright colored pantsuit, and hair arranged in a feathered way. Don’t be shy when using the hairspray, and remember to match your eyeshadow to your suit! Total cost: 3 dollars for drugstore-brand bright eyeshadow.
Quick Costume Number Two: Police Officer. Black Shirt? Check. Khaki pants? Check. Throw these on and grab a sheriffs badge and aviator sunglasses at a craft or party store to complete the look. If you are feeling flirty, snag some handcuffs or a pad of “tickets” for being too sexy! Total cost: 3 dollars for badge/ 6 dollars for glasses.
Quick Costume Number Three: Private School Girl. Overdone? Probably. Do you have all the components in your closet? Definitely. Throw on your white button up dress shirt, short khaki skirt (bonus points if you own one with pleats), knee socks, and ballet flats. A plaid scarf or headband will complete the look. Total cost: Nothing!

Vintage Boots: Do's and Don'ts

All the rage this fall, vintage boots are popping up in fashion magazines, college campuses, and even the office. But how do you pick a pair sure to please? Three important factors determine if your most recent find is right for you: condition, fit, and brand.
The most important aspect of any vintage garment or accessory is the condition. Don’t just check the outside of boots for damage; the lining and sole are likely to be worn even if the leather is not. Shoe insoles can fix problems on the inside of shoes, but be weary of ripped or worn out soles. Also, if you intend to wear them during wintery weather, make sure they have decent traction and that the leather has been treated or treat it yourself.
Because someone has already broken in the boot, you need to play Cinderella and make sure the shoe fits. Try them on and walk around the store in them to make sure they are comfy and appropriately support your arch. Keep in mind that they will not reform to your feet to the same degree that brand-new boots would, so make sure they fit well right away.
Finally, before investing in a classic boot, research the brand. How does the price you are being asked compare to the original price? When were the boots made and where? A high quality boot will last you years, even if they are vintage. Because these shoes have been worn before, quality becomes especially important in making sure they last you a lifetime too.
Vintage boots are a great investment, and always a fashion “do.” Just make sure your pair are in excellent condition, fit well, and show a high quality of workmanship. If you have any questions, drop us a line at New to You. We love to hear from you and help you select high quality vintage apparel!

Hot for Halloween: Creative Ideas for Every Personality

Halloween is a great holiday for the fashion-forward woman; you can rock something you normally would never dream of wearing and put together seemingly unrelated items to create a themed appearance. It’s a time to be daring, fashion-wise, but you must also proceed with caution. Overdone ideas abound (French maid, kitten, playboy bunny, you get the drift), and originality is a must. We’ve compounded the following list of inventive, overlooked costume ideas to get your creative juices following.
A Peacock. What animal is more beautiful? Dress in teal and black and adorn yourself with peacock feather jewelry, a tail made of several large feathers, and even a delightful head-dress. Plus, it’s a great excuse to snag some awesome peacock accessories to wear all year round.
Candy-corn. Its’ seasonal without being stereotypical, and age-appropriate to wear in front of all the trick-or-treaters. Plus, it is super simple to put together. A white hat, yellow dress, and orange leggings go together to create an almost edible-looking treat!
A classic actress. Luscious curls, serious lip-liner, and a 1940’s dress are standard for this costume. Whether you are Rita Hayworth or Audrey Hepburn, you are bound to look fabulous. Pick a star with your hair and eye color and go for it.
Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, perfect for a couple. You want to look pretty, and he wants to wear sweatpants…what to do? It’s easy to convince your guy to dress like a baseball great while you get to have all the glitz-n-glam of Marilyn. An excellent compromise!
Whatever your choice, New to You has some great classic clothing to help assemble your outfit. Stop by, say hi, and share your ideas with us!


The Perfect Haircolor for Fall

As the leaves change to brilliant colors of orange and red and you get out your leather coat and fall boots, don’t forget to update one of the most obvious parts of your appearance: your hair. Hair colors, like fabric texture and clothing shades, can also vary by the season. In congruence with your fall wardrobe, this year’s fall hair has brilliant shades reminiscent of the season. Blondes can go from a sun-bleached summer color to a richer golden hue. Brunettes can try caramel highlights to add dimension or a deep chocolate-brown color. Red-heads can experiment with a brighter shade to stand out next to tan and brown apparel. If you decided to make a seasonal color transition, keep in mind that the color should not only look great for fall but also compliment your eyes and skin tone. There are options in all of the shades suggested for people of every coloring; ask a trusted stylist for advice for the best look for you. Who knows, you might even like your new color so much that you keep it around all winter long!

Packing for a Weekend Trip

With Columbus Day approaching, the girls at New to You are feeling the need for a “mini-cation.” Taking a three day weekend or planning an overnight trip can be a great activity to do alone, with a significant other, or a good friend. Going to the country or visiting another city can help you get away from it all, but packing for such an event can be tedious. We have compiled the following tips to help you prepare for spontaneity on your trip while still carrying a light load:
1. Take clothes with many different uses. A shirt-dress can be worn to dinner by itself and dressed down for day with jeans.
2. Wear comfortable shoes and pack dress-up ones. While traveling with only one pair of shoes is tempting, if that pair is an uncomfortable set of heels, wearing them for three days straight is not worth the trouble. Travel in comfy shoes and carry the heels for later on, if you need them at all.
3. Put your own toiletries in smaller bottles. Avoid having to use cheap, complimentary hotel shampoo by filling old sample bottles with your own brand and taking it with you in a small zip-lock bag.
4. Protect your clothes and luggage while saving space by double-bagging your bathroom supplies in two zip-lock bags. They can easily fit in with your outfits while protecting from accidental spillage.
5. Wear jewelry that can go with any outfit so you only have to bring one set. This will prevent you from misplacing excess accessories and make it easy to pack and change locations.
6. Get a practical overnight bag. We love the kind that have rolling wheels, are expandable, and can also be carried as a back-pack. Extra pockets for all of your belongings are always a plus.
7. Don’t forget your camera, cell phone and battery chargers to stay in touch and capture your trip!
8. Choose an exciting destination and hit the road!


Dress for Success

Job interviews, theatrical auditions, and even speed-dating all require dressing to impress, and the girls here at New to You want to help you do just that. When meeting new people or entering new situations, a put-together appearance is crucial to first impressions. The best approach to “dressing for success” is to dress appropriately for the situation while allowing your personality to shine through.

But how do you stay business conservative while still expressing your fashion sense? For job interviews, keep it simple except for one unique piece. A dark navy, gray, or black suit with an appropriate blouse and skirt/slacks is the typical interviewing uniform, traditionally paired with matching leather heels, bag, and occasionally a belt. Make sure to choose pieces that fit right- not too loose or tight- and are of a well-made material. In line with the theme of simple, high quality suiting, keeping your make-up subtle but put together and your hair well-managed is an essential part of the interview look. Also, make sure nails are clean and manicured, and if you wear perfume, keep the intensity of the scent at a minimum.

Now that you have the basic ensemble, add a piece that is all your own style. An interesting brooch, necklace, scarf, or hair clip can make you stand out from the crowd because of your simple, chic fashion taste- not because of your bright purple leather skirt. While your professional skills and charming personality should do the talking- not your clothes- looking your best allows you to project confidence and a sense of individuality.

Face the Facts

Have you ever gotten a facial before? If you have never treated yourself to this procedure, you don’t know what you’re missing! Not only is a facial soothing and good for your skin, but it is also a learning experience for you about how to better care for your skin.
Because your face is exposed to harsh elements like sun, wind, cosmetics, and possibly smoke, the deep cleansing of a facial can unclog your pores and create healthier and better-looking skin. The process of a facial can involve using extraction or masks to unclog your pores and steam or hot moist towels to sooth skin. The specific ingredients and procedures will be chosen by your esthetician to perfectly match your skin type.
Additionally, a good esthetician will help you create a home care regime tailored to your specific skin type. Skin type is generally determined by pore size, tone, and texture, in addition to oil production. Make sure to tell your esthetician about any special areas of concern (wrinkles, acne, etc) and any allergies you may have.
Every facial experience should allow you to feel pampered and comfortable with glowing skin. To get the maximum benefit from your facial, commit to a good skin care routine between facials; don’t forget to cleanse, moisturize, and apply sunscreen everyday. Our sources tell us that Shohreh at Healing Hands in Vienna, Virginia does a fabulous facial. Her phone number is (703) 350-3235. Do you already have a favorite? Drop us a comment and tell us about it!


The Top Eight for Fall ’08: Accessories

As the leaves begin to turn and school is back in session, the time comes for the summer to fall wardrobe transition. A few well-placed accessories can update old autumn essentials and make you look fashion forward without replacing your entire collection. Picking the right scarf, boot, or bag can be challenging, but fortunately the team here at New to You has complied some guidelines to create fun looks for fall ’08.

1. Purple, purple, purple! The “It” color for this fall, you can’t go wrong with a purple scarf, bag, shoe, or boot. Pair your purple with a subtly-toned outfit for maximum impact.

2. Textures are the theme of fall attire. Whether it is a feathered wrap or a fringed boot, thick and rich textures add fall style points to any ensemble.

3. Knee high boots are always an autumn essential: look for a pair this season in a flat, riding boot style.

4. Pleads and bows create rich details this season. Bulkier fall fabrics lend themselves to the exaggerated lines and loops on bags and shoes.

5. Plaid- a fall staple- is being worn in new ways. Check out a pair of red and black plaid pumps to add some autumn flavor to an office look.

6. Chain-handle bags are the purse to have this fall. Designers like Prada blend textured leather with metal-link handles for the ultimate in fall chic.

7. Winter florals decorate this season’s skirts and scarves, a twist on your summer favorites in colors like burnt orange and chocolate brown.

8. Chunky-heel pumps round out the list as the must-have shoe of the season. A new take on traditional pumps, these shoes have more square-shaped heels- a fashion “do” with added stability!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

As tropical storms and hurricanes send remnants of rainy weather across the country, a national fashion conundrum is created: what kind of shoes does one wear under such conditions? Classically-stylish leather and suede shoes are fair-weather friends; they could be ruined in the rain if not properly pre-treated. In order to keep feet dry and happy, one must turn to the tried and trusted rain boot.

Rain boots, or Wellington boots, used to be classified as yellow or a muted brownish-green shade and were generally not very fashionable. However, style-conscious versions of the “wellie” have become popular in recent years from Burberry to Target. These snazzy shoes come in a variety of colors and designs. Depending on the statement you want to make, you can choose from boots covered in hearts, flowers, or dog prints or stick with shiny blacks, reds, and browns. Just make sure the boots have a slimmer line; especially wide-legged boots can be unflattering to calves. Some boots, such as the ones in Marc Jacob’s collection, come in heeled varieties, a rubber equivalent of their sexy leather counterparts. Whatever your preference, grab a pair of rubber boots for those rainy days, and join us in a good round of puddle-jumping.


The Wristlet: The Purse’s Petite Cousin

Every woman loves a great purse; smooth leather, clean lines, and great color all make a purse a complementary accessory to any outfit. Not to mention the fact that they can store lip-gloss, keys, wallets, mints, check books, and in extreme cases, snacks. But sometimes, after lugging around your life that favorite bag, you need a break. At crowded parties, while running errands, and on days that involve a lot of walking, a purse can be a quite a pain in the neck.

Fortunately, these decisions have prompt the creation of the “wristlet,” an upscale coin-purse that can hold credit cards, ID, cash, and even a lipstick or two. These zipper pouches that can come in fabric or leather have a strap that can be worn comfortably around the wrist. Wristlets are not just to hold your change inside your bag anymore; many times they can be carried on their own, and many high-end brands are now creating fashionable options. Because they are less of a financial commitment, you can have multiple to match a number of outfits and occasions. So next time you go out, reconsider swapping your giant carry-all for a stylish little wristlet.


White After Labor Day: A Never-Ending Saga

In researching this post, I asked a variety of women the age-old question: is wearing white after Labor Day okay? Answers ranged from a simple “no” to a friendly “wear what makes you feel good” to the inventive “as long as you don’t wear all white and get lost in the snow.” The original answers given varied, yet most agreed that white after Labor Day can be acceptable, given certain circumstances. Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Chanel, and Versace, among many others, have crisp white staples in their fall/winter collections. While different occasions create different fashion scenarios, we have put together some basic guidelines for being a fashion-rebel without creating a serious faux pas.

1. Don’t get washed out. If you have a naturally pale complexion, your skin can be its lightest in the winter months. You can still utilize white, but if it washes out your complexion, keep it away from the face. Shoes, skirts, and bags are all a great bet.
2. Mix it with seasonal colors. The summery look of white can easily be toned down with autumn browns, reds, and oranges or winter-y jewel tones. A fall dress with a white purse or a white skirt with a bright belt can make white less beachy.
3. Texture, texture, texture. There is a big difference between white linen pants in the summer and a fluffy white sweater in the winter. Fun, seasonal textures can make white work all year long.

The reasons behind the Labor Day rule are somewhat legitimate; white does not flatter pale winter skin in the same way it does a tan, all white can be overwhelming in during the winter season (you don’t want to get lost in the snow after all), and some white clothing can have very summery-sheer textures. However, if you remember these reasons, you can overcome them and wear white fashionably all year long. If you have any ideas of how to wear white in the “off-season” or fun examples of faux pas past, leave us a post and tell us about it!


Swimwear Care Advice to Share

As Labor Day approaches and summer sales begin, one of the best pieces to hunt for is the ideal swimsuit. Finding a favorite may require some serious searching, but caring for the piece after you find it can prove to be an even greater challenge. Fortunately, your friends here at New to You have done the research for you and have come up with ten helpful tips to prolong the life of your new swimwear all year long!

1. Wet your swimsuit with clean, clear water before and after swimming. This will prevent harm from chlorine or salt while you are in the water and rinse out any remnants post-dip.
2. Wash with a soap specially-designed for swimsuits after every wear. Lay flat to dry – never wring out swimwear or let it dry in a sunny location- this promotes damage and fading.
3. Always store your swimsuit when it is completely dry- dampness may affect color and texture.
4. Swimsuits only retain their shape when dry; make sure yours is completely dry before wearing it.
5. Before storing your swimsuit for the next season, wash it on the gentle cycle in the machine to remove excess sand, chlorine, and salt- however, make sure to put it in a mesh lingerie bag first.
6. Proceed with caution when applying sunscreen. Some can stain swimwear, harm elastic, and cause permanent marks.
7. Always place a towel at the edge of the pool or on cement before you sit to avoid unattractive snagging.
8. Never put your swimsuit in the dryer!
9. Be extra cautious when handling swimsuits with shiny or glittery effects; these are even more delicate and require extra careful handling.
10. Enjoy your well-kept swimsuit for years to come!

From Office Attire to Dinner-and-Drinks

You know the feeling; you’ve been invited to yet another retirement party after work and dread carrying a change of clothes, makeup, and jewelry around all day. Happy hours, birthday parties, and date-nights sometimes require going straight from professional work-wear to evening chic without leaving time to go home and change your attire. Just as you multi-task at home or in the office, you need wardrobe options that can perform many functions as well. With a few well-placed accessories and hair and makeup alterations, you can go from office-classy to nighttime-sexy in minutes.

Think of what you want to wear that night: is it a bright top and skirt or a sleeveless dress? These options can be toned down for daytime wear and dressed up for the evening. Add a suit jacket over a cute blouse with a skirt or pants for the office and rock the top solo at night, or dress down a pencil dress with a cardigan for daytime. By layering your look, you can go from day to night, no changing room necessary.

While layering is an important aspect of the transition, accessories and shoes are the real power players in this scenario. For the office, stick with a conservative shoe and simply jewelry, like stud earrings. At night, change it up with strappy sandals or higher heels and funky jewelry, such as chandelier earrings or a chunky bracelet.

Hair and Makeup
For a chic daytime look, try a low bun or sleek ponytail that can be taken down later on or dressed up with a shiny barrette. Carrying a smoky eye pencil and darker lipstick in your bag allows you to make a quick transition. Dab on a bit of lip-gloss and smudgy eyeliner, and you are ready to hit the town!


Getting a head of the game...

Headscarves are being reinvented from their popularity in the 1960's and geared towards a younger generation, taking the fashion world by storm. Designers are revamping the headscarf to be a more modern and chic accessory.

This fashion trend hit the height of popularity in the sixties with fashion icons like Jackie Onassis, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. You rarely saw Ms. Kelly doing anything without a scarf wrapped about her.
In present day, movie stars such as Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan wear the headscarf quite well.

Please note that headscarf styles look best on those with a heart shaped face with a delicately pointed chin, don't fret if this isn't you...wear a scarf headband!


Storing your fall and winter items!

Spring and Summer are just around the corner, that means suntan lotion and cool drinks while sitting poolside (or beachside) are in our near future.

However, storing your Fall and Winter clothes for the next few months and storing them WELL is very important.

With the help of Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook we are offering you some advice on how to store your fall and winter items.

-Keep your clothes meticulously clean, (clothes moths hate clean spaces and moth larvae feed off of embedded dirt or perspiration.)

-Vacuum closets regularly
-Before you pack away your wool items for storage, wash or dry-clean them; clean cotton and synthetic items, too, if you plan on storing them with your woolens.

-Brush winter coats before storing them.

-Short term storage: You can use reclosable plastic bags or plastic boxes for keeping out pests.

-Long term storage (years rather than months): avoid plastic containers; these items don’t allow proper ventilation and have the potential to degrade fabrics over time.

Also, here are some preventative items you can use to either identify IF you have a moth problem or just to continue to keep your closet moth-free.

-Pheromone Traps: You can hang these traps and lure the moths with a sex-attractant pheromone. The male moths get stuck on the surface, keeping them from mating with the females.

-Cedar Blocks: These contain oils that kill moth-larvae, but they don’t kill older moth eggs.

-Lavender: You can suspend sachets filled with lavender from closet rods or tuck them into your drawers to protect woolens.
The plus side of this method is that your closet will smell really great!
**This method repels moths but does NOT kill moth eggs or larvae so make sure you don’t have a moth problem before using this preventative technique.

**It is recommended NOT to use moth balls or moth crystals. Both of these items contain pesticides that can be harmful to both people and pets.**

We hope that these were helpful hints for you and that you are able to keep your wardrobe fresh and clean and moth free!


New To You Workshop

We are having our first What Not To Wear Workshop/Party this coming Tuesday. We are really looking forward to it as we just love to talk about dressing style, makeup and hair. We always have fun making suggestions to customers about the best look for their lifestyle and body type. We try to be kind and diplomatic - really we do. Usually, our honesty pays off as our lovely customers leave with smiles on their faces and good reports later on about how great they feel in what they are wearing.

Wylie and Arianne had a great time dressing up in some outfits that are "what not to wear" - The outfits are NOT pictured here. If you would like to see them in their "what not to wear" glory, please stop by the shop and we will be happy to show them too you. Eek, I was scared.

Luckily, Sookie from Perfect Endings will be joining us to give some thoughts about updating your current look with highlights, cut etc., as well as a representative from Nordstrom's Bobbi Brown counter coming to provide makeup suggestions for spring as well as taking "pre-orders". There will be champagne, something to nibble on, as well as a couple of door prizes. Space is limited so we are taking names over the phone as well as on line. If you are interested in coming this time or at another date do let us know and we will put you on the list for future workshops.


Go Green!

Going green has become the hip thing to do!

We at New to You, the Chic Boutique are proud to say we have ALWAYS been green!

How we go green!

We recycle hangers by taking them back to the drycleaners for reuse.

We recycle the plastic from the drycleaners by using it when we cover garments taken out on hangers.

We break down boxes and take those to the recycling center as well as magazines and newspapers.

Any items that fail to meet our strict fashion criteria is donated to the Ecumenical Community for Helping Others (ECHO, Inc) and Joseph's Coat (Bethany House), helping abused women and children.

Come in and shop with us! You'll look fabulous and chic and be going green at the same time!


Off with your hair!

I have been wondering lately where a decent place to get your haircut is. By decent of course I mean a stylist that looks at you and decides what cut is best for your face shape and your personal style, not just what is the "hot" cut of the moment.

If you are walking around with the same hairstyle for years, it could be time for a new look.
It is amazing how good you feel and look when you are in the hands of a true artist.
We at New to You have had fantastic success in the trustworthy hands of Sookie Eaton from Perfect Endings in Falls Church, VA.
Not only does she style your hair but your hair moves well and responds well to the cut you're given.

If you know of any other fantastic hair salons in your area, leave us a comment!
(click on 'comment' once you've left the comment you can preview what you said or click 'publish your comment')


Found a fabulous deal at New to You and Now...

... you want to know where to get your makeup done to match it. Or do you need more suggestions on what trends are hip and rolling down the red carpet? Chat with Susan D'Amato (Deputy Editor for the Washington Post) and Jannett Bennett (washingtonpost.com Fashion and Beauty Editor) every other week. You can submit your own questions and comments! Don't forget to mention your place to find your favorite designer threads at a fraction of the price... here at New to You.
Click here to see the chat.


What about the men?

So I know where to get my hip, unique threads. Of course, New to You! But I faced a dilemma this holiday season when searching for stylish clothing for the man in my life. Where do I get the same "one of a kinds" for him - a man who wants to be just as stylish without looking like a staple clothing ad? There are places like Filene's and Loehmann's where you can on occasion find some great clothes for men, but where else?

So we turn to you. Where would you shop for that man in your life to keep his wardrobe fresh? Leave us a comment and share your fashion wisdom!
Photo courtesty of allposters.com