A look to keep

I was perusing the fashion magazines today and stumbled across this section of "Looks to Keep" in People Magazine. In this section there is a picture of Katharine McPhee (former American Idol contestant) holding an oversized clutch. The caption read, "The big handheld bag remains a practical and chic option." I was thinking about my love of bags and the fact that I happen to love the oversized bag in general.

It was at this point I realized that we have a fabulous oversized clutch right here at New to You, the Chic Boutique. This bag, I am happy to report is WAY cooler than the one in the hand of McPhee.

Handmade in Spain, this burlap clutch is adorned with jade, cranberry garnets and swarovski crystals. It retailed at a magnificent $2800 and is on sale for $508.50 at our shop.

This bag makes a statement and I can assure you that no one else will have such a clutch. This is definitely a look to keep.


Tis the season for guests!

The holidays are a time of traveling to and from the homes of friends and family. Perhaps you are the one traveling, but if you are the hostess with the mostess, we have some tips from Martha Stewart that will make your guests feel like they are staying in a bed and breakfast.

Give your spare bedroom that hotel feel. Set out guest essentials, such as towels and an alarm clock. Go that extra mile and add items such as bottles of water, chocolates and even a nice floral arrangement.

Set up guest towels in the bathroom in a special place, perhaps wrapped in a nice bow. This attention to detail will make your loved ones feel extra special. Also, stock up on anything your guest might need, such as toilet paper, q-tips, cotton balls or paper towels. By stocking up on these items you save your guest a potentially embarrassing request.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from holiday travelers is that there is never enough space for them to put away their clothing. Nobody likes to live out of a suitcase, so if your guest is staying in your child's room (for example) make sure there is adequate space to put their belongings in, whether it be a drawer or some closet space. This gesture makes friends and family feel 100 times more comfortable.

With these helpful tips from MarthaStewart.com, your guests won't ever want to leave, but for your sake we hope they just say they had a great time...and then go home.

*photo courtesy of MarthaStewart.com*



We're up and running again....

...And so are you this season from mall to mall, the office holiday party, to merry get-togethers with friends. But how do you keep those pretty shoes looking like they haven't walked an inch? Well Martha Stuart, in her Homekeeping Handbook, has some tips for how to care for patent leather, smooth leather and suede shoes. New to You is here to help you save those tired soles, with Martha's help, and revive them for fa-la-la-ing!!

Patent Leather

1. Use a soft cloth and a solution of water and vinegar to clean.
2. Stretch with a wooden shoe tree if cracks appear and treat with leather conditioner.
3. Let air dry (never use a heat source).

Smooth Leather

1. Before applying anything, clean first. To remove dirt and muck, use a soft brush.
2. Wipe with a damp sponge and stuff the shoe with newspaper to wick the dampness away.
3. Apply a coat of polish and buff, buff, buff with a shoe brush to make them sparkle.


1. Sponge lightly with a suede shampoo (check at your local shoe repair shop!)
2. Brush gently with a rubber, nylon, or brasswire brush. This will raise the nap while removing dirt.
3. Use suede conditioner to make the color look as good as new!

Thanks Martha!

Do you have any "Holiday Save 'em" Tips? Add a comment below and share your expertise!

Photo Sofft's Tyla boot courtesy of Zappos.com


Mani, Pedi please...

We know there are the run-of-the-mill places to get your nails done, but where are the fantastic places that leave you feeling really pampered and give your tired tootsies the love and attention they deserve?

We need to hear from you about the places you love to treat your feet!

Add a comment below and tell us who they are, where they are and why you would tip them double!

Image courtesy of jupiterimages.com


Seen in US Elle Magazine and also at our shop...

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You saw that right...We have a dress that has been said to be one of the most successful pieces in the S/S 07 Gucci collection since Tom Ford stepped down from the creative director position a few years ago. New creative mind Frida Giannini has brought the sensuality back to this historic house.

Now, don't you want to own a little piece of history?

photo credit: Elle.com

Shoes, Fabulous Shoes...

Wondering where to get the latest in designer shoes, but not at the designer price?

Come in and take a peek at our latest collection of shoes from designers such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Ysev Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Renta, Prada, Manolo Blahnik. Many are still available in stores now!

Take a pair home today.

What's your opinion?

Take our poll and tell us which designer is your favorite!


From the Runway to Your Way..

This dress was seen just this February at the S/S 07 Marc Jacobs Runway Show.

Such a timeless piece...Gorgeous billowing silk was his strength for this collection.

Don't believe me, come on over to the shop to see this work of art in person!

Photo Credit: Style.com



It's your lucky day....

Take a gamble at New to You to find a fabulous dress for any occassion! Pictured here is a whimsical Moschino dress, great for the luckiest day of the decade!


ASTRA! The Super Heroine

Laura Quenzel, appearing July 7 - 14, 2007 at The Warehouse on 7th Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. taking a break while rehearsing for "Astra! The Super Heroine Manga Musical".

Rock and Roll Flair with a Dash of Elegance

We get alot of exciting pieces daily here at New To You however, I'm partial to this black strapless lace Betsy Johnson dress. Music is my greatest inspiration when it comes to fashion. This dress is elegant enough to wear out or to a concert (if you want to be daring).

And by the way, I could totally picture Gwen Stefani wearing this at a No Doubt performance.



Having style is not about breaking the bank...

Angelina discovers what so many of us have known forever.
Consignment is recycling at its best!

"She may be the 14th most powerful celebrity in the world (according to Forbes), but Angelina Jolie's latest red carpet dress cost her just $26."

"The silk-velvet dress was worn for the premiere of A Mighty Heart in New York. Jolie purchased the dress at a Los Angeles vintage boutique." ~www.damnimcute.com