'Tis the Season to be Giving!

New to You is in the spirit of giving, but not just around the Holidays, all year long! Clients often inquire on what happens to our merchandise when it does not sell, and we are happy to say that we give it to two wonderful, local charities.

ECHO, Inc. (Ecumenical Community Helping Others). ECHO is an all-volunteer charitable organization. Its mission is to assist families and persons in need in Fairfax County in Virginia. ECHO has been helping people since 1969 and New to You donates to them at least once a month, and has been for many years. Visit their website at www.echo-inc.org/ to see how you can help too!

Joseph's Coat Resale Shop. Joseph's Coat is a part of the Family Assistance Program of Bethany House of Northern Virginia (BHNV). It helps domestic violence victims get clothing and other items to aid in bettering their situations. New to You works with Joseph's Coat by donating clothing that they resell in order to raise money to provide services and items for these families and individuals. Visit their website at www.bhnv.org/josephshop.html to see what you can do to make a difference!

We truly believe in these charities and are glad that we can help during the season of giving and throughout the year!


Took a trip to Eastern Market

Sunday my friend and I took the metro over to the Eastern Market. The weather was beautiful and everybody was out enjoying the summery day en mass. Ate a delicious pecan tart for a snack and it was worth every calorie. While we were down there we spied The Monkey's Uncle, an adorable resale shop for children.www.monkeysuncleonthehill.com It was a well laid out shop that caters to babies as well as older children. Oh, they also have maternity which is something that I always get calls about. We also went into Clothes Encounters of the Second Kind which is a shop that the fabulous Jane has told me about forever and I finally got a chance to visit. I managed to find three pieces for myself after digging around a bit and trying on various pieces. It was loads of fun to see all the different dealers selling everything from scarves to boots to furniture. The only downside was that I heard several people saying that the police were ticketing lots of cars for not parking properly.


Sequins, Rhinestones, and Studs....Oh My!!!

Who says that fancy embellishments need to be kept for an evening look...not us! Fashion is personal, and you should do whatever makes you feel good and confident. So, whether its day or night, do what you love. Here, at New to You, we're obsessed with sequins, rhinestones, and studs. It makes accessorizing so much easier, well, because you barely have to do any accessorizing.

We have this fabulous Dolce & Gabbana reversible purple mink coat, and is purple-studded on the suede side.

So feminine! This beautiful Collette Dinnigan dress has sequins and rhinestones covering the bodice!

Stunning Manolo Blahnik's! Embellished with fuschia stones...will definitely dress up any outfit!


Enhancing your Wardrobe this Season!

So, did I hear it right, the recession is over? Great, let's go shopping! Well, how about this, let's shop right, and do it to enhance our wardrobe. As women, we have probably all accumulated lots and lots of garments and fabulous pieces in our closets, now we can work with what we have and accessorize it. So, make a statement with what you are wearing...its easier than you think, I promise.

Key Trends in Accessories this Season:

Statement Earrings! - Scour the house and your mother's stored-away jewelry...or come to New to You! Don't frown upon the clip-ons, there are some fabulous ones out there and can glam up any outfit. You don't have to be walking down the red carpet to pull off these head-turners, just throw them on with jeans and a simple top, and walk out the door. They make the outfit effortlessly!

Belts, Belts, and more Belts! - You are a woman, so accentuate that figure! There are millions out there, and a million ways to wear them...over a jacket, dress, collared shirt, or slung on your hips. Don't be shy, just test it out, or come in here, and we'll show you how to wear it!

A Good Bag isn't Hard to Find! - We have tons of great handbags in at New to You! World-class designers that are right on trend. If you are going to splurge this is the item to do it on. A great bag will last you for years and years if you take care of it. We have some stunning one's in here from Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenciaga, and so many more!