Go Green!

Going green has become the hip thing to do!

We at New to You, the Chic Boutique are proud to say we have ALWAYS been green!

How we go green!

We recycle hangers by taking them back to the drycleaners for reuse.

We recycle the plastic from the drycleaners by using it when we cover garments taken out on hangers.

We break down boxes and take those to the recycling center as well as magazines and newspapers.

Any items that fail to meet our strict fashion criteria is donated to the Ecumenical Community for Helping Others (ECHO, Inc) and Joseph's Coat (Bethany House), helping abused women and children.

Come in and shop with us! You'll look fabulous and chic and be going green at the same time!


Off with your hair!

I have been wondering lately where a decent place to get your haircut is. By decent of course I mean a stylist that looks at you and decides what cut is best for your face shape and your personal style, not just what is the "hot" cut of the moment.

If you are walking around with the same hairstyle for years, it could be time for a new look.
It is amazing how good you feel and look when you are in the hands of a true artist.
We at New to You have had fantastic success in the trustworthy hands of Sookie Eaton from Perfect Endings in Falls Church, VA.
Not only does she style your hair but your hair moves well and responds well to the cut you're given.

If you know of any other fantastic hair salons in your area, leave us a comment!
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Found a fabulous deal at New to You and Now...

... you want to know where to get your makeup done to match it. Or do you need more suggestions on what trends are hip and rolling down the red carpet? Chat with Susan D'Amato (Deputy Editor for the Washington Post) and Jannett Bennett (washingtonpost.com Fashion and Beauty Editor) every other week. You can submit your own questions and comments! Don't forget to mention your place to find your favorite designer threads at a fraction of the price... here at New to You.
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What about the men?

So I know where to get my hip, unique threads. Of course, New to You! But I faced a dilemma this holiday season when searching for stylish clothing for the man in my life. Where do I get the same "one of a kinds" for him - a man who wants to be just as stylish without looking like a staple clothing ad? There are places like Filene's and Loehmann's where you can on occasion find some great clothes for men, but where else?

So we turn to you. Where would you shop for that man in your life to keep his wardrobe fresh? Leave us a comment and share your fashion wisdom!
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