Spring is in the Air...almost!

It may still feel like winter outside, but not in the stores. Spring has hit retail, and we are so excited by all of the fun looks...now it just needs to get warm outside, right? The Nautical-Inspired look is back, and who doesn't love the preppy and patriotic look? See what we have that will get you into the Spring Sailor-girl Spirit!

Punxsutawney Phil says six more weeks of winter, but that time will fly by, I mean, who can believe that it is already February!


Help for Haiti

We are all saddened and overwhelmed by the devastation in Haiti. We cannot even imagine what the Haitians must be going through, but we can all do our part, whether it be a monetary donation or even a prayer, to keep the Haitians in our thoughts and hearts.

Some people are going above and beyond to help in this horrifying situation...Dr. Gilbert Irwin started Medical Missionaries in 1997 to help poor nations with healthcare. The focus has been on the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti in a town called Thomassique. Dr. Irwin built a clinic in Thomassique, which is 80 miles awa
y from Port-au-Prince, and medical Missionaries have been traveling to the site of the earthquake to aid in relief.

Here, at New to You, we work with ECHO (see previous Blog 11.24.2009). We are happy to say that ECHO, with Medical Missionaries and Dr. Gilbert Irwin, will be sending numerous items to Haiti, namely wheelchairs and crutches. We are so happy to be aligned with an organization like ECHO, and are hopeful that their efforts along with Dr Irwin will shed some relief on the people of Haiti. Please check out the medical Missionaries website
http://www.medmissionaries.org/id88.html see where and how you can help to.


Haori Fashion

Did you go through your closet and realize that the only light sweater you can throw over your shoulders are cardigans in different colors? If you want something different with the same effect you can grab a beautiful silk "throw-over" like a haori. Haori are mid-length coats that are traditionally worn over kimonos, they are worn to protect the kimonos materials from weather elements, therefore they can work the same way for the outfit you've got on.

Haori are not limited to traditional Japanese costume, you can drape one over an evening outfit or just like a cardigan with a tank and jeans.

Below are photos of a few beautiful haori pieces at New To You. Come try them on with the outfit you have on, show off the fashionista in you with an outfit that is illustrated when East meets West.


Paper Dolls??!

It's finally here! We designed our store windows with our style tribes. Our final display came from the idea of showing our inspirational pieces and which admired celebrity would represent each tribe. Our tribes are Miss Vintage, Label Love, Originator, Fashionista, Forever Forty

Rebecca, who styled the windows, said, "I took my inspiration from Simon Doonan, creative director of New York's Barney's. "Sir" Doonan has charmed the crowd of shoppers and people walking by, with his incredibly detailed and smart sense of fashion- creating a window dressed, full of wit and character."

Come and check out our new window displays!
Exclusively at New To You.