Elegant Gentleman

Oh how we love an elegantly dressed gentleman.

Steve dresses the way all men should dress, with an eye for color, texture, individuality, comfort, and definite appeal- not only for himself but to all who are lucky enough to capture a peek.

We snapped this while he was patiently waiting for his beautiful wife, as she shopped.

Once a model, always a model.


Fashion Washington - One Year Old

Last night we stopped in to Masa 14 to celebrate the one year anniversary of Fashion Washington. We expected a quiet reception but instead stumbled upon a "happening". D.C's beautiful were out in full regalia - a brand new club on 14th street, handsome men in sharp suits, women wearing exciting jewelry, delightful frocks, stylish haircuts, high heels adorned with studs and rhinestones. There were some delicious cocktails and yummy shrimp, veggie pizza, and even grilled okra.

We were so excited to meet the debonair Scott Schuman, also known as The Sartorialist and to have our books signed by him as well.


Pleasant people abound

It was cold and rainy on Saturday but nonetheless one after another they came in...pleasant people, people with a smile on their faces, people with good attitudes and a desire to pass it around. After 17 plus years in this business I still love doing what I do and one of the main reasons is the never ending stream of truly lovely people that walk in the door. One thing I know for certain, they sure make my day great. Thanks.