How do you get dressed?

Every day you have to do it - get dressed and put yourself out there. So how do you decide what to put on your body? I've been asking around and there are a number of ways to go about this.

Beth - She plans the night before, choosing very carefully exactly what she is going to put on in the morning according to what she has scheduled for herself the next day. Beth is not a morning person so trying to make an impact outfit would be too challenging for her in the a.m. Starting with the upper body, deciding which jacket or blouse will work, she then proceeds to figure out the skirt/slacks with shoes coming in last.

Chrissy - Picks one item out that she wants to wear that day and everything else becomes based around that one piece. She usually thinks about her choice while she takes a shower that way as soon as she's out she is ready to gather all the items. Jewelry is usually the last item chosen.

Gechi - Is rather like Chrissy; the night before she decides on the main items to be worn the next day and then makes layers in order to stay warm.

Christina - I find myself deciding a short while before I am to leave the house what I want to wear. I usually have a mantra running through my head saying, "Go, Go, Go." I find that this procedure does not always pan out too well. I often have to just say forget it and fall back on something easy and familiar. This is not to say that I look like I am half-baked, just not as adventurous as I might actually want to be. Many times I will decide that I want to project a particular image such as; rock and roll, casual sophistate, or euro-chic. When I take that route I definitely need more time to think it all out.

Patti - Always looks pulled together. She finds that putting items on the bed and carefully laying them out with their entirety is the way to go. She will change out different boots, purses, or necklaces until she has found the "perfect" ensemble. She will decide whether she will be on her feet all day or not, so shoes come first into her mind. Next, a jacket or top followed by slacks, then jewelry. The choice of a purse always is the last decision.

Kelly and Kendra - both are last minute dressers. Kelly thinks about the top first and Kendra thinks shoes first. Kelly plans out in the mind, thinking "does this go with that." Kendra is throwing on items at the last minute. Now Kendra often purchases items that are in the same color scheme and style therefore all her pieces mix and match and complement each other.

Everyone agrees that there are a few universal decisions that must be made -
* How long will I be standing or walking?
* What is the weather doing?
* Whom will I be meeting with?
We would love to hear from you if you have any input about your dressing style.


Fashionista around town

So.... I'm standing in line at the postoffice....minding my own botox....waiting to mail a Hermes bracelet to an on-line customer when I realize that there is, in the flesh, a stylish woman standing by me. Holy moly! What to do? Take a picture... Sheida, was carrying a fun Burberry bag with some great textures happening with her grey leggings and black tunic. Alas, my phone camera does not do her adorable boots justice as they were a lovely shade of purple suede. Thanks Sheida for being so pleasant and letting me snap a shot of you and your fabulousness.
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Little leather gloves

Debbie just found these cute short leather black gloves at the shop. Styling!


Bally Tysons Galleria Opening Event

On September 29th a few of us New To You ladies were invited to the opening event for Bally Tysons Galleria. Hosted by Esquire Magazine and attended by the Swiss Ambassador, H. E. Manuel Sager and Mrs. Christine Sager. Ten percent of the proceeds from the night benefitted FAIR Fund, a DC based organization devoted to battling human trafficking of youth and raising awareness in the community.

It was a testosterone laden feast, a smattering of woman, but in all honesty it was the men in the 5,000 dollar suits that made it a happening event. There were handsome men dressed to the nines. One man was in a beautiful grey tweed suit, with chocolate leather pockets. There were men in bow ties, horned rimmed glasses and bright button up shirts... gorgeous gorgeousness all around! It was really nice seeing men who looked fantastic, because, God knows we love seeing them that way. There was only one man in khakis and a polo- Must not have gotten the memo about the cocktail attire, we did our best to put our blinders on. All in all a fabulous night!

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Channeling Mary-Kate Olsen

We took some time out to play a little dress-up here at New To You, when Christina's niece Madeline payed us a visit. We think she channeled Mary-Kate Olsen's signature street-style down to a T. With fur coats and oversized EVERYTHING, it was just too easy. No pictures please!


Getting ready to change over

I'm so excited about the changing of the season. Even though I do love summer with a passion, I do get tired of wearing the same thing all the time. Every year I wonder what on earth I wore the year before. I pull out my fall items and ponder what to keep and what to donate! I guess many of us have way too much in our closets and then think, "I have nothing to put on". It should not be: "sigh, sigh, I have nothing to wear and I look dumpy in that dress, and when I lose 10 pounds then I will wear those trousers," etc. It is really important to only have in your closet items that you LOVE. Your clothes should always fit, not be too big and not too small.

It is also important to update your closet often. That may sound expensive, but it doesn't have to be: spend the most money on versatile pieces to get the most out of your wardrobe. It's fun to be frivolous with the trends and go wild with a great pair of shoes or a statement handbag.

Some of the pieces that I cannot live without: leather jacket, flat black or brown boots, crisp off-white blouse, lots of scarves, and go-to jewelry.

I must be on the look out for dresses for work. I never seem to have enough, I don't know why because I do love the way dresses make getting out the door so easy. I also need blazers because they are so, so, so versatile and can be adapted to my various moods. I'm sure you know what I mean, some days I might be demure and sweet and some days I'm feeling edgy and a bit rock and roll.


Red: Fall Staple Color

Red is one of our favorite colors for fall! Here are a few fabulous red handbags that we have in store and are in LOVE with!

Marc Jocobs

Dooney and Bourke


Miu Miu


Fall Trend Report

Crackle nail polish to tights with shorts and combat boots. What trends are going to be taking over the fall season? Here are a few things we think will be in this season!

Two of our New to You girls, Gechi and Kendra are obsessed with Jeffery Campbell shoes. It really is a trend that is sweeping the fashion world. Platform all the way!

Layering up the Maxi is going to be huge. Can't help but love flowy with more layers. Add a blazer and you have a chic outfit.
(photo by chictopia)

bright accents will be a thing you will see very often. Wether it is just bright lipstick or neutral color outfit with a splash of color accessory...


What The Frock Party!

Saturday July 23 we had a "What The Frock" party. It was an afternoon of fabulous women in summer dress sipping on champagne and shopping. A great time with fashionistas.


Fake Out!

The new era of counterfeiting has become almost impossible to detect. Here are 3 easy tips on how to not get scammed.

1. Check the authenticity policy when buying. If buying a used luxury item from a website or a consignment store, carefully read or ask for its sales policy.
We make sure that when taking items there is a receipt with the purchase or we even ask to see a card of authenticity. If we have any suspicions... We will NOT take it.

2. Be wary of discounts. Top luxury brands rarely offer deep price cuts on their merchandise.
Lets all be realistic here, If you see a new Chanel bag 50% off, WALK AWAY! We can only wish there was such a discount. We won't even bring down the price of a quality bag that low. It would be unjust.

3. Scrutinize websites selling the product. Counterfeiters have gotten more sophisticated in selling goods online. Examine the website for its validity, including product images—and price points. Another clue: often times the Frequently Asked Questions area contains grammatical errors.
We must be researchers... If there are weird download issues, no contact info, or grammatical errors it isn't really a good site to put your personal information on. BE SMART!

The moral here is to be wary of where to purchase. We certainly are careful, you should too.

(Tips from Wall Street Journal)


Styling up sporting events!

Ladies, we all know how difficult it is to look good during sporting events. Here are a few people I found at the El Salvador vs. Panama soccer game on Sunday that show the chic and not so chic way to dress it up.

We all want to try and look hot and sexy while still sporting our team colors. Heels, and wedges may be over doing it. Try for either a smaller wedge or a cute pair of sandals.

This fabulous woman has the perfect idea. Light cotton top with lace details and a pair of jeans with sandals, gives the cuteness appeal women want while still showing her support for her team.. (Panama)

This trendy lady has great style. Lace shorts are very in, tying it together with a simple top and a blazer adds the perfect sporty feel. She sizzles it up with a pair of animal print flats. With this outfit you are sure to stand out from the crowd.


Portfolio in Motion

We were delighted to partake in the fashion show celebration of design at Marymount University in Arlington Virginia last night. The room was filled with an eclectic mix of style, excitement, anticipation, great food, flowing wine, students brimming with enthusiasm as well as attitude. Our all time favorite gown from the show was made by our very own Kendra McCullough; not only is she talented but beautiful.

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Hudson - M Street, N.W. DC

My friend Christina and I hit the Hudson downtown on M Street, N.W. last night to hear Flav and Robert sing with a "nouveux" jazz trio early in the evening around 8 p.m. When we arrived the joint was jumping with some great Frank Sinatra tunes. The lovely bartender, Antonio, let us sample a couple of different wines before we commited to a choice. Neither of us had had dinner so we decided to see what the appetizer menu offered and picked soft pretzels with mustard and short-rib tacos; both were delicious and hit the spot perfectly.
If was fun to be out and about in the middle of the week to try out a new place and to find it full of fun, great music and loads of people.



This fabulous woman was shopping the store. With her Gucci bag in hand she set out to find the perfect dress!

Hermes - Festival of Crafts

I visited the Festival of Crafts exhibit next to the Hermes store on route 7 yesterday (it is being held in the old Gucci space.) There were a few areas set up with expert craftsmen at each station; saddle making, scarves, watches, ties, color selection etc. In an age where everything appears to be made by machine it was quite wonderful to see how much true quality and care goes into each and every piece that Hermes makes.
There was an actual demonstration of a scarf that had 8 colors in it. I watched Henry, a man who has been working at Hermes for over 30 years; change each screen after pouring the rich, saturated paint onto the heavy white silk, pushing the paint with a squeegee (I think that is what it is called) through the perforated pattern and leaving behind the design. Talk about watching paint dry – it was exciting!!
I was in awe from start to finish; hand-sewn buttonholes, hand-made saddles, I loved watching Tony insert diamonds into a sold gold bracelet while he looked through a microscope (Tony was kind enough to take my camera and shoot a picture of the diamonds he was working on thorough his lens) There was a watch maker with all of the mechanisms for the watches in front of him as well as quite a few watches to hold and marvel at.
The show only has today and tomorrow left. Tuesday March 29, 2011 and Wednesday march 30, 201l from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. so if this is your idea of bliss you had better get a move on.



"Trying to fit in the fur before spring" ~ Carolina Cruz


Had to Try On!

Laura Riley found the perfect dress for a Ball.