Sizzling hot and seeing dots

Our style campaign this week was a whole lot of fun. I personally love, love, love red as it is such a power color. Whenever you put on some red you will automatically feel stronger. Fire! That is what we are talking about. It has always been a tricky one to wear as sometimes it wears you instead of the other way round. I enjoy wearing a nice "true" red and by that I mean a red with some blue in it. I know some of you are saying, "wait a minute, why isn't a red with orange in it a true red?" The answer is, I don't know, it just isn't!
Dots really can make you feel good and sometimes giddy as well. You can find a kaleidoscope of colors or just a mix of two. Of course, the shadow dots are sophisticated because they are so subtle and barely there - playful yet saying, I am efficient and thorough as well.


Stripes going every which way

I have a love affair with stripes but whenever I am looking at clothing brought in for consignment I find that stripes are one of the hardest things to look at. I am trying to see if I find any spots or stains and my eyes go all wonky.
Stripes can be your friend and they can also be your enemy. The line directs the eye so whenever someone looks at you they automatically go in the direction of the line. It has always puzzled me why they make larger women's clothing with broad horizontal stripes. It just seems crazy and I really don't get it.

You can direct those lines diagonally, vertically or in a mix that will enhance your figure to be more flattering. If you have slight shoulders a slash neckline with a broad stripe accenting your shoulders makes the illusion that you are broader on top then you really are. Stripes are a play on proportion; they can work for you and be really flattering and fun. You must be conscious of what all those lines are doing for or against you.
"Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions" - Coco Chanel.

Shoe size 8 1/2 red, white, black by Donald Pliner;
Skirt  size 6 - red, beige by Etcetera;
Skirt size 6 - blue, white, pink skulls by Castaway;
Blouse size xs - blue, silver, black  by BCBG;
Purse - black, beige by Eric Javits;
Slacks size 4- yellow, white by Worth.


Cotton Fabrics

 Cotton - such a marvelous fabric.

Furry -  Our first photo shows a skirt made from chenille - French for caterpillar :) The flowers are raised and look a bit like fur.

Authentic - The yellow, white and black tote is a utility cotton that is coated. The fabric is Liberty of London for Target. The details in the flowers is lovely.

Sheer - Chloe blouse is a voile cotton - sheer and lightweight. The yarns are tightly twisted which ensures a semi-transparent plain weave.

Smooth - The Lawn ombre top is so lightweight and fine. It is perfect for a day that is very warm.

Functional - Denim jeans by Paige.  The weave is dense and work-a-day. Paige denim is high quality, with lots of attention paid to the details of the slacks.

Textured - Seersucker jacket by Juicy Couture. One of my all-time favorite summer time fabrics. It looks cool, collected and makes the wearer appear calm and in-charge. Seersucker has a crinkly look to it.
The cotton Ralph Lauren polo tops are a comfortable cotton pique. These polo shirts can be worn all year round and come in a multitude of colors.

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