Christina rocks the LBD!

Tired of your plain old little black dress? Well, take a look at the six ideas we brainstormed to bring a lil sizzle back to your boring black dress! All of these awesome accessories are items consigned at New to You. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Gechi, our snow queen!

This winter, we've been getting a lot of vintage pieces that are simply just beautiful! In these pictures, Gechi models a white mink coat with a champagne fox hat. Très chic, très hip, très sexy!


It is refreshing to see a true fashionista in action! Today Winifred stopped by our store and we just had to snap a picture of her when we saw the outfit she put together! So chic!

Winifred says, "As long as you have similar shades of color, patterns don't matter!"


'Tis the season for parties!

Earlier this month, we held a "Scarf Party" at our store where guests were encouraged to come rockin' their favorite scarf. Guests came in scarves made out of cotton, silk, wool, and other fabulous materials! It was truly fun to see everyone's own personal style come out!

Bubbly was served as well as a wonderful arrangement of foods: brownies, dried apricots, mixed nuts, hummus and pita chips, and other delicious treats. Fashion, food, and drinks---a perfect combination!

We cannot wait until our next party! Let us know if you want to be on the invite list!

For more pictures of the party, click here!



All we ever see are tissues, tissues, tissues! We miss the whole "romantic" look of handkerchiefs. For instance, if you're at a movie and a totally heartbreaking moment happens where you can't help but shed some tears...what do you want to pull out from your purse? Some crumbled up plain white tissues or a nice vintage floral handkerchief? Wiping away your tears in a handkerchief just seems so much more poetic. Handkerchiefs are chic and very much underrated... which is why we think they should make a comeback this winter!

Here's a little on the history of handkerchiefs:

Handkerchiefs (also known as hankies) are usually made of cotton, linen, or a synthetic fabric and serve a variety of functions. Some use them for wiping their brow in a heated moment, as a decorative accessory to wear, or even as a tool to allure admirers. In the sensual Brazilian Carimbó dance, a woman throws her handkerchief on the floor and her male partner attempts to retrieve it using solely his mouth.

It is widely believed that King Richard II of England, who reigned between 1377-1399, invented the handkerchief. He was known to always take small square pieces of cloth and wipe his nose. According to surviving documents written by his courtiers, It was then that handkerchiefs were first documented to be used.

Since then, the handkerchief has been seen for many different occasions. Historically, some used a handkerchief as a white flag to indicate surrender, some used it as a bandage over a small surgery, and some used it as a impromptu way to carry small items when a bag or basket was not available.

In our store, we have a variety of vintage handkerchiefs for sale. They come in many different colors and designs, so you'll be able to pick one that goes best with your own personal taste!

Let's take a closer look...

And a few more blooming designs...


Be bold!

We are in love with this look that Gechi put together! She paired up a vintage scarf and dress with a bright bubblegum pink J.Crew jacket. This outfit is definitely one that will get you noticed from a mile away while also adding a little fun to an otherwise dreary winter day.


A fabulous idea!

My girlfriend is so passionate about clothing. She just loves it all. She owns purses galore in all sorts of textures, size and colors. She carefully chooses exactly which accessories to compliment each and every outfit. It does not matter if she is just running to the store for ice cream... she does not go out the door unless she is put together. Now this does not mean dressed up but you can be sure that her shoes, purses, tops, slacks, jewelry, and makeup all work together to the best advantage. The one problem she continuously ran into was where to store it all. One day she decided to take over the den by moving the desk into the middle of the room and buying various pieces of furniture to put around the room to store her purses, clothing and accessories. She hit various thrift shops and resale stores to find just the right pieces. She managed to find just the right furniture to complete the look she was after including a wonderful long mirror in a frame…the better to see one’s self, my dear. So, no she did not move everything out of the bedroom into the den, she still has a bunch of stuff in the bedroom closet but there is enough room in the bedroom now for her handsome husband to store some of his clothing as well.

And, they lived happily ever after.


Hello, cooler days!

Now that the weather is starting to get a bit cooler, it's time to start looking for a winter coat! Bundle up in this orange, cocoa, and royal blue Henry Friedricks at Julius Garfinckel & Co coat and grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte at your local coffee shop! Size is small.

A wise man once said, "When in doubt, wear red." This vintage red winter cape is definitely a piece that will get you noticed in a crowd. Made of wool and embellished with "horn" buttons, this cape was made in Germany. Best of all, whether you want to wear it over a layered look or an evening dress, the cape fits all sizes!


Wonderful Waterford

I have been to the fair more than a dozen times in my life. My fathers best friend and family lived there many years ago so we used to visit quite often when I was a child. Fair time is always something special. It is especially fun when there is a little chill in the air. I took a few photos of the dedicated craftspeople working away as well as the people who dress up on Civil War gear. From hand carved beds, brooms, pottery, baskets, and blacksmith it is refreshing to see something truly American made.
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We had the chance to snap photos of two fashionable women shopping at our store!

The first woman, a statuesque beauty who looked fantastic in her romper, tried on a number of dresses... and let us just say, she looked wonderful in everything she tried on!

Lynn, a knock out in her ensemble! Her dress she picked up while in Paris, the Jewels she scored while shopping at Target!
From top to bottom, both ladies have exceptional style.


Details of an outfit

Here, at New to You, it's all about details, details, details. Here's an outfit we put together this week. A canary J. Crew blazer, White Theory button down shirt and a pair of tweed Calvin Klein pants. We thought adding a gold and silver chain would add an extra umpf to the outfit. Let us know what you think!


Everything's just peachy!

Here's a super cute outfit our new intern, Brittany, put together. It consists of a peach Diane von Furstenberg pleated and ruffled blouse, matched with a black sateen poof, Hanii Y., skirt. She added a peach/taupe angular, two-toned, top stitched sash to bring it all together. We would love to hear your comments.


Are you ready for an Indian summer?

Yes. It's already that time of year, when the leaves start turning and the air cools down. But, Instead of just throwing on your favorite fabulous sweater, why don't you accessorize it with Native American style jewelry? Here, at New to You, we have just that! We have double and single stranded fetish animal necklaces (one of each), real and mock turquoise pieces as well as silver pieces. Hurry on by before those dog days arrive!