Dress for Success

Job interviews, theatrical auditions, and even speed-dating all require dressing to impress, and the girls here at New to You want to help you do just that. When meeting new people or entering new situations, a put-together appearance is crucial to first impressions. The best approach to “dressing for success” is to dress appropriately for the situation while allowing your personality to shine through.

But how do you stay business conservative while still expressing your fashion sense? For job interviews, keep it simple except for one unique piece. A dark navy, gray, or black suit with an appropriate blouse and skirt/slacks is the typical interviewing uniform, traditionally paired with matching leather heels, bag, and occasionally a belt. Make sure to choose pieces that fit right- not too loose or tight- and are of a well-made material. In line with the theme of simple, high quality suiting, keeping your make-up subtle but put together and your hair well-managed is an essential part of the interview look. Also, make sure nails are clean and manicured, and if you wear perfume, keep the intensity of the scent at a minimum.

Now that you have the basic ensemble, add a piece that is all your own style. An interesting brooch, necklace, scarf, or hair clip can make you stand out from the crowd because of your simple, chic fashion taste- not because of your bright purple leather skirt. While your professional skills and charming personality should do the talking- not your clothes- looking your best allows you to project confidence and a sense of individuality.

Face the Facts

Have you ever gotten a facial before? If you have never treated yourself to this procedure, you don’t know what you’re missing! Not only is a facial soothing and good for your skin, but it is also a learning experience for you about how to better care for your skin.
Because your face is exposed to harsh elements like sun, wind, cosmetics, and possibly smoke, the deep cleansing of a facial can unclog your pores and create healthier and better-looking skin. The process of a facial can involve using extraction or masks to unclog your pores and steam or hot moist towels to sooth skin. The specific ingredients and procedures will be chosen by your esthetician to perfectly match your skin type.
Additionally, a good esthetician will help you create a home care regime tailored to your specific skin type. Skin type is generally determined by pore size, tone, and texture, in addition to oil production. Make sure to tell your esthetician about any special areas of concern (wrinkles, acne, etc) and any allergies you may have.
Every facial experience should allow you to feel pampered and comfortable with glowing skin. To get the maximum benefit from your facial, commit to a good skin care routine between facials; don’t forget to cleanse, moisturize, and apply sunscreen everyday. Our sources tell us that Shohreh at Healing Hands in Vienna, Virginia does a fabulous facial. Her phone number is (703) 350-3235. Do you already have a favorite? Drop us a comment and tell us about it!


The Top Eight for Fall ’08: Accessories

As the leaves begin to turn and school is back in session, the time comes for the summer to fall wardrobe transition. A few well-placed accessories can update old autumn essentials and make you look fashion forward without replacing your entire collection. Picking the right scarf, boot, or bag can be challenging, but fortunately the team here at New to You has complied some guidelines to create fun looks for fall ’08.

1. Purple, purple, purple! The “It” color for this fall, you can’t go wrong with a purple scarf, bag, shoe, or boot. Pair your purple with a subtly-toned outfit for maximum impact.

2. Textures are the theme of fall attire. Whether it is a feathered wrap or a fringed boot, thick and rich textures add fall style points to any ensemble.

3. Knee high boots are always an autumn essential: look for a pair this season in a flat, riding boot style.

4. Pleads and bows create rich details this season. Bulkier fall fabrics lend themselves to the exaggerated lines and loops on bags and shoes.

5. Plaid- a fall staple- is being worn in new ways. Check out a pair of red and black plaid pumps to add some autumn flavor to an office look.

6. Chain-handle bags are the purse to have this fall. Designers like Prada blend textured leather with metal-link handles for the ultimate in fall chic.

7. Winter florals decorate this season’s skirts and scarves, a twist on your summer favorites in colors like burnt orange and chocolate brown.

8. Chunky-heel pumps round out the list as the must-have shoe of the season. A new take on traditional pumps, these shoes have more square-shaped heels- a fashion “do” with added stability!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

As tropical storms and hurricanes send remnants of rainy weather across the country, a national fashion conundrum is created: what kind of shoes does one wear under such conditions? Classically-stylish leather and suede shoes are fair-weather friends; they could be ruined in the rain if not properly pre-treated. In order to keep feet dry and happy, one must turn to the tried and trusted rain boot.

Rain boots, or Wellington boots, used to be classified as yellow or a muted brownish-green shade and were generally not very fashionable. However, style-conscious versions of the “wellie” have become popular in recent years from Burberry to Target. These snazzy shoes come in a variety of colors and designs. Depending on the statement you want to make, you can choose from boots covered in hearts, flowers, or dog prints or stick with shiny blacks, reds, and browns. Just make sure the boots have a slimmer line; especially wide-legged boots can be unflattering to calves. Some boots, such as the ones in Marc Jacob’s collection, come in heeled varieties, a rubber equivalent of their sexy leather counterparts. Whatever your preference, grab a pair of rubber boots for those rainy days, and join us in a good round of puddle-jumping.


The Wristlet: The Purse’s Petite Cousin

Every woman loves a great purse; smooth leather, clean lines, and great color all make a purse a complementary accessory to any outfit. Not to mention the fact that they can store lip-gloss, keys, wallets, mints, check books, and in extreme cases, snacks. But sometimes, after lugging around your life that favorite bag, you need a break. At crowded parties, while running errands, and on days that involve a lot of walking, a purse can be a quite a pain in the neck.

Fortunately, these decisions have prompt the creation of the “wristlet,” an upscale coin-purse that can hold credit cards, ID, cash, and even a lipstick or two. These zipper pouches that can come in fabric or leather have a strap that can be worn comfortably around the wrist. Wristlets are not just to hold your change inside your bag anymore; many times they can be carried on their own, and many high-end brands are now creating fashionable options. Because they are less of a financial commitment, you can have multiple to match a number of outfits and occasions. So next time you go out, reconsider swapping your giant carry-all for a stylish little wristlet.


White After Labor Day: A Never-Ending Saga

In researching this post, I asked a variety of women the age-old question: is wearing white after Labor Day okay? Answers ranged from a simple “no” to a friendly “wear what makes you feel good” to the inventive “as long as you don’t wear all white and get lost in the snow.” The original answers given varied, yet most agreed that white after Labor Day can be acceptable, given certain circumstances. Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Chanel, and Versace, among many others, have crisp white staples in their fall/winter collections. While different occasions create different fashion scenarios, we have put together some basic guidelines for being a fashion-rebel without creating a serious faux pas.

1. Don’t get washed out. If you have a naturally pale complexion, your skin can be its lightest in the winter months. You can still utilize white, but if it washes out your complexion, keep it away from the face. Shoes, skirts, and bags are all a great bet.
2. Mix it with seasonal colors. The summery look of white can easily be toned down with autumn browns, reds, and oranges or winter-y jewel tones. A fall dress with a white purse or a white skirt with a bright belt can make white less beachy.
3. Texture, texture, texture. There is a big difference between white linen pants in the summer and a fluffy white sweater in the winter. Fun, seasonal textures can make white work all year long.

The reasons behind the Labor Day rule are somewhat legitimate; white does not flatter pale winter skin in the same way it does a tan, all white can be overwhelming in during the winter season (you don’t want to get lost in the snow after all), and some white clothing can have very summery-sheer textures. However, if you remember these reasons, you can overcome them and wear white fashionably all year long. If you have any ideas of how to wear white in the “off-season” or fun examples of faux pas past, leave us a post and tell us about it!