Thanksgiving Outfits

I love the Thanksgiving holiday. I like to think that I am always thankful for all the good things in my life but I get a kick out of having a dedicated day of thanksgiving. I love preparing the special dinner and getting together with some of my favorite people. Of course, one of the most fun things to do is to come up with a fabulous outfit to wear while eating masses of delicious food. Comfort is key as well as looking good. You can't just throw something on and expect to look at pictures later on and be happy with what you see. Go for that cozy cashmere sweater with a comfy skirt or your best, sexy jeans with boots. If you are wearing your Hermes scarf...take it off before you eat! Now is the time to wear your Granny's pieces of jewelry that she has gifted to you; those heirloom pieces will bring joy to the table. Enjoy.


Last Minute Costumes: Halloween Chic for Under $10

It’s noon. You have to go to the office Halloween party in six hours, and you are without a costume and on a budget. Never fear, the girls at New to You have come up with some brilliant, quick ideas to make you look great for less with one stop at the drugstore.
Quick Costume Number One: Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton. With the election only days after Halloween, dressing as your “favorite” female candidate can be clever and fun. For a Sarah Palin look, try a bright button up with a sleek black skirt. Go heavy on the foundation, blush, and mauve lip gloss, and throw your hair into a teased updo with curled bangs if you have them. Grab some Palin-shaped reading glasses at the drug-store and pop out the lenses if they are too strong to see through. Total cost: about 6 dollars for glasses. Hillary Clinton can be achieved with a bright colored pantsuit, and hair arranged in a feathered way. Don’t be shy when using the hairspray, and remember to match your eyeshadow to your suit! Total cost: 3 dollars for drugstore-brand bright eyeshadow.
Quick Costume Number Two: Police Officer. Black Shirt? Check. Khaki pants? Check. Throw these on and grab a sheriffs badge and aviator sunglasses at a craft or party store to complete the look. If you are feeling flirty, snag some handcuffs or a pad of “tickets” for being too sexy! Total cost: 3 dollars for badge/ 6 dollars for glasses.
Quick Costume Number Three: Private School Girl. Overdone? Probably. Do you have all the components in your closet? Definitely. Throw on your white button up dress shirt, short khaki skirt (bonus points if you own one with pleats), knee socks, and ballet flats. A plaid scarf or headband will complete the look. Total cost: Nothing!

Vintage Boots: Do's and Don'ts

All the rage this fall, vintage boots are popping up in fashion magazines, college campuses, and even the office. But how do you pick a pair sure to please? Three important factors determine if your most recent find is right for you: condition, fit, and brand.
The most important aspect of any vintage garment or accessory is the condition. Don’t just check the outside of boots for damage; the lining and sole are likely to be worn even if the leather is not. Shoe insoles can fix problems on the inside of shoes, but be weary of ripped or worn out soles. Also, if you intend to wear them during wintery weather, make sure they have decent traction and that the leather has been treated or treat it yourself.
Because someone has already broken in the boot, you need to play Cinderella and make sure the shoe fits. Try them on and walk around the store in them to make sure they are comfy and appropriately support your arch. Keep in mind that they will not reform to your feet to the same degree that brand-new boots would, so make sure they fit well right away.
Finally, before investing in a classic boot, research the brand. How does the price you are being asked compare to the original price? When were the boots made and where? A high quality boot will last you years, even if they are vintage. Because these shoes have been worn before, quality becomes especially important in making sure they last you a lifetime too.
Vintage boots are a great investment, and always a fashion “do.” Just make sure your pair are in excellent condition, fit well, and show a high quality of workmanship. If you have any questions, drop us a line at New to You. We love to hear from you and help you select high quality vintage apparel!

Hot for Halloween: Creative Ideas for Every Personality

Halloween is a great holiday for the fashion-forward woman; you can rock something you normally would never dream of wearing and put together seemingly unrelated items to create a themed appearance. It’s a time to be daring, fashion-wise, but you must also proceed with caution. Overdone ideas abound (French maid, kitten, playboy bunny, you get the drift), and originality is a must. We’ve compounded the following list of inventive, overlooked costume ideas to get your creative juices following.
A Peacock. What animal is more beautiful? Dress in teal and black and adorn yourself with peacock feather jewelry, a tail made of several large feathers, and even a delightful head-dress. Plus, it’s a great excuse to snag some awesome peacock accessories to wear all year round.
Candy-corn. Its’ seasonal without being stereotypical, and age-appropriate to wear in front of all the trick-or-treaters. Plus, it is super simple to put together. A white hat, yellow dress, and orange leggings go together to create an almost edible-looking treat!
A classic actress. Luscious curls, serious lip-liner, and a 1940’s dress are standard for this costume. Whether you are Rita Hayworth or Audrey Hepburn, you are bound to look fabulous. Pick a star with your hair and eye color and go for it.
Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, perfect for a couple. You want to look pretty, and he wants to wear sweatpants…what to do? It’s easy to convince your guy to dress like a baseball great while you get to have all the glitz-n-glam of Marilyn. An excellent compromise!
Whatever your choice, New to You has some great classic clothing to help assemble your outfit. Stop by, say hi, and share your ideas with us!