We're up and running again....

...And so are you this season from mall to mall, the office holiday party, to merry get-togethers with friends. But how do you keep those pretty shoes looking like they haven't walked an inch? Well Martha Stuart, in her Homekeeping Handbook, has some tips for how to care for patent leather, smooth leather and suede shoes. New to You is here to help you save those tired soles, with Martha's help, and revive them for fa-la-la-ing!!

Patent Leather

1. Use a soft cloth and a solution of water and vinegar to clean.
2. Stretch with a wooden shoe tree if cracks appear and treat with leather conditioner.
3. Let air dry (never use a heat source).

Smooth Leather

1. Before applying anything, clean first. To remove dirt and muck, use a soft brush.
2. Wipe with a damp sponge and stuff the shoe with newspaper to wick the dampness away.
3. Apply a coat of polish and buff, buff, buff with a shoe brush to make them sparkle.


1. Sponge lightly with a suede shampoo (check at your local shoe repair shop!)
2. Brush gently with a rubber, nylon, or brasswire brush. This will raise the nap while removing dirt.
3. Use suede conditioner to make the color look as good as new!

Thanks Martha!

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Photo Sofft's Tyla boot courtesy of Zappos.com

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