A look to keep

I was perusing the fashion magazines today and stumbled across this section of "Looks to Keep" in People Magazine. In this section there is a picture of Katharine McPhee (former American Idol contestant) holding an oversized clutch. The caption read, "The big handheld bag remains a practical and chic option." I was thinking about my love of bags and the fact that I happen to love the oversized bag in general.

It was at this point I realized that we have a fabulous oversized clutch right here at New to You, the Chic Boutique. This bag, I am happy to report is WAY cooler than the one in the hand of McPhee.

Handmade in Spain, this burlap clutch is adorned with jade, cranberry garnets and swarovski crystals. It retailed at a magnificent $2800 and is on sale for $508.50 at our shop.

This bag makes a statement and I can assure you that no one else will have such a clutch. This is definitely a look to keep.

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