Off with your hair!

I have been wondering lately where a decent place to get your haircut is. By decent of course I mean a stylist that looks at you and decides what cut is best for your face shape and your personal style, not just what is the "hot" cut of the moment.

If you are walking around with the same hairstyle for years, it could be time for a new look.
It is amazing how good you feel and look when you are in the hands of a true artist.
We at New to You have had fantastic success in the trustworthy hands of Sookie Eaton from Perfect Endings in Falls Church, VA.
Not only does she style your hair but your hair moves well and responds well to the cut you're given.

If you know of any other fantastic hair salons in your area, leave us a comment!
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Anonymous said...

Sookie double books and never leaves enough time to get your hair done properly. She doesn't listen to her clients, preferring to color and style their hair the way SHE wants. Most of the work on your hair she will delegate to others.

Anonymous said...

I've been going to Sookie for years. She does not double book but many of her clients come late, which can put her behind. She also has trouble saying no to those clients who have been with her for years if they have an emergency. It's true that Sookie has very strong ideas on what might look good on her clients. When I have asked her to do what *I* wanted, it was never as good as the style and color she chose for me. I've learned to defer to her judgement. And yes, she has very competent support people who are her right hands. I split the tip with those people for their professionalism and expertise.

Anonymous said...

I have heard her receptionist get a call and tell her she was already booked, and Sookie told her to take the additional client anyway.

Her staff is fantastic. They actually deserve the entire tip. Can't help but wonder how she would react if they substituted their judgement for hers. We pay her to do a job and she pays them.

Glad Sookie has worked out for you, but she hasn't for me. She has put low lights onto my hair which have turned red after a few washings. Although she stresses "communication", she ignores it. One time she got my hair right, but the next time I came in she announced "we" weren't going to do that again. That's when she hit me with the terrible low lights. Then she was going to shave my neck area when I was letting my hair grow out, until I screamed "NO" upon seeing her razor.