Swimwear Care Advice to Share

As Labor Day approaches and summer sales begin, one of the best pieces to hunt for is the ideal swimsuit. Finding a favorite may require some serious searching, but caring for the piece after you find it can prove to be an even greater challenge. Fortunately, your friends here at New to You have done the research for you and have come up with ten helpful tips to prolong the life of your new swimwear all year long!

1. Wet your swimsuit with clean, clear water before and after swimming. This will prevent harm from chlorine or salt while you are in the water and rinse out any remnants post-dip.
2. Wash with a soap specially-designed for swimsuits after every wear. Lay flat to dry – never wring out swimwear or let it dry in a sunny location- this promotes damage and fading.
3. Always store your swimsuit when it is completely dry- dampness may affect color and texture.
4. Swimsuits only retain their shape when dry; make sure yours is completely dry before wearing it.
5. Before storing your swimsuit for the next season, wash it on the gentle cycle in the machine to remove excess sand, chlorine, and salt- however, make sure to put it in a mesh lingerie bag first.
6. Proceed with caution when applying sunscreen. Some can stain swimwear, harm elastic, and cause permanent marks.
7. Always place a towel at the edge of the pool or on cement before you sit to avoid unattractive snagging.
8. Never put your swimsuit in the dryer!
9. Be extra cautious when handling swimsuits with shiny or glittery effects; these are even more delicate and require extra careful handling.
10. Enjoy your well-kept swimsuit for years to come!

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