The South Beach Tight Dress Party!

South Beach Tight Dress Party

Wednesday - June 17th 6p.m. till 8 ish
Why, you might ask, is New to You having a tight dress party? Liz is leaving soon for Miami, Florida...South Beach to be exact. In a fond farewell we are having a "tight dress party" in her honor. So grab your girdle (now known as Spanx) and stuff your booty into a tight dress. It's all in good fun...meet, mingle, shop, drink, hold in that tummy, and squeeze those glutes.

For those of you who do not know Liz.. don't let that stop you...we would be pleased to see you strut your stuff. Space is limited so respond soon.

Email us at
info@newtoyou.net or call us at 703-533-1251

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