Extreme Makover - Home Edition

Arianne & Tayyaba

The Ants working
Jodi and Arianne

Last week I got an opportunity to go to Prince George's County Maryland to see Extreme Makeover - Home Edition building a house for a family. Oh, what masses of volunteers including MY DAUGHTER, Arianne who works at United Way (a great supporter of the operation) There were so many people working in the heat and the rain and humidity. I have seen the television show before and it always impresses me to see how many people give so much of themselves to help others but it was sure something to see it all happen in the flesh. If you have ever watched an ant farm or ant's on the sidewalk working feverishly to build their colonies then that is what I observed during the Extreme Makeover build up. Hard work, determination, skill, craftsmanship, and good feelings all around. It was a very impressive affair indeed. It will be exciting to see the final product air on television.

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