Took a trip to Eastern Market

Sunday my friend and I took the metro over to the Eastern Market. The weather was beautiful and everybody was out enjoying the summery day en mass. Ate a delicious pecan tart for a snack and it was worth every calorie. While we were down there we spied The Monkey's Uncle, an adorable resale shop for children.www.monkeysuncleonthehill.com It was a well laid out shop that caters to babies as well as older children. Oh, they also have maternity which is something that I always get calls about. We also went into Clothes Encounters of the Second Kind which is a shop that the fabulous Jane has told me about forever and I finally got a chance to visit. I managed to find three pieces for myself after digging around a bit and trying on various pieces. It was loads of fun to see all the different dealers selling everything from scarves to boots to furniture. The only downside was that I heard several people saying that the police were ticketing lots of cars for not parking properly.

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