A fabulous idea!

My girlfriend is so passionate about clothing. She just loves it all. She owns purses galore in all sorts of textures, size and colors. She carefully chooses exactly which accessories to compliment each and every outfit. It does not matter if she is just running to the store for ice cream... she does not go out the door unless she is put together. Now this does not mean dressed up but you can be sure that her shoes, purses, tops, slacks, jewelry, and makeup all work together to the best advantage. The one problem she continuously ran into was where to store it all. One day she decided to take over the den by moving the desk into the middle of the room and buying various pieces of furniture to put around the room to store her purses, clothing and accessories. She hit various thrift shops and resale stores to find just the right pieces. She managed to find just the right furniture to complete the look she was after including a wonderful long mirror in a frame…the better to see one’s self, my dear. So, no she did not move everything out of the bedroom into the den, she still has a bunch of stuff in the bedroom closet but there is enough room in the bedroom now for her handsome husband to store some of his clothing as well.

And, they lived happily ever after.

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