All we ever see are tissues, tissues, tissues! We miss the whole "romantic" look of handkerchiefs. For instance, if you're at a movie and a totally heartbreaking moment happens where you can't help but shed some tears...what do you want to pull out from your purse? Some crumbled up plain white tissues or a nice vintage floral handkerchief? Wiping away your tears in a handkerchief just seems so much more poetic. Handkerchiefs are chic and very much underrated... which is why we think they should make a comeback this winter!

Here's a little on the history of handkerchiefs:

Handkerchiefs (also known as hankies) are usually made of cotton, linen, or a synthetic fabric and serve a variety of functions. Some use them for wiping their brow in a heated moment, as a decorative accessory to wear, or even as a tool to allure admirers. In the sensual Brazilian Carimbó dance, a woman throws her handkerchief on the floor and her male partner attempts to retrieve it using solely his mouth.

It is widely believed that King Richard II of England, who reigned between 1377-1399, invented the handkerchief. He was known to always take small square pieces of cloth and wipe his nose. According to surviving documents written by his courtiers, It was then that handkerchiefs were first documented to be used.

Since then, the handkerchief has been seen for many different occasions. Historically, some used a handkerchief as a white flag to indicate surrender, some used it as a bandage over a small surgery, and some used it as a impromptu way to carry small items when a bag or basket was not available.

In our store, we have a variety of vintage handkerchiefs for sale. They come in many different colors and designs, so you'll be able to pick one that goes best with your own personal taste!

Let's take a closer look...

And a few more blooming designs...

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