Spotlight: Christine Bartoletta

A woman of creativity and sophistication, Christine Bartoletta is an accessory guru. New to you had the opportunity to interview this beautiful woman.

Q: When did you start designing jewelry?
A: I've been designing jewelry for years, but quit my day job 5 years ago to become a full-time independent metalsmith.

Q: What is your inspiration for Spring 2011 collection?
A: I continue to be inspired by the landscape and the history of the American Southwest. Where the land meets the sky at sunset. This collection is a mix of sterling silver and gorgeous one-of-a-kind stones. It's organic and earthy, with varying shades of blue, brown and pink.

Q: What tips would you give women when trying to accessorize an outfit?
A: I think fresh jewelry is a great way to wake up a sleepy wardrobe. A beautiful statement necklace or an eye catching bracelet are an easy way to add pieces that reflect your personal style.

Q: What is your favorite piece in the collection?
A: My favorite pieces right now are my leather and stone Sentiments Bracelets.

Q: If you could describe your collection in one word, what would it be?
A: Authentic

Be sure to visit Society Hill Designs, 260 W. Broad Street
Falls Church, Virginia 22046

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