Fake Out!

The new era of counterfeiting has become almost impossible to detect. Here are 3 easy tips on how to not get scammed.

1. Check the authenticity policy when buying. If buying a used luxury item from a website or a consignment store, carefully read or ask for its sales policy.
We make sure that when taking items there is a receipt with the purchase or we even ask to see a card of authenticity. If we have any suspicions... We will NOT take it.

2. Be wary of discounts. Top luxury brands rarely offer deep price cuts on their merchandise.
Lets all be realistic here, If you see a new Chanel bag 50% off, WALK AWAY! We can only wish there was such a discount. We won't even bring down the price of a quality bag that low. It would be unjust.

3. Scrutinize websites selling the product. Counterfeiters have gotten more sophisticated in selling goods online. Examine the website for its validity, including product images—and price points. Another clue: often times the Frequently Asked Questions area contains grammatical errors.
We must be researchers... If there are weird download issues, no contact info, or grammatical errors it isn't really a good site to put your personal information on. BE SMART!

The moral here is to be wary of where to purchase. We certainly are careful, you should too.

(Tips from Wall Street Journal)

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