Bally Tysons Galleria Opening Event

On September 29th a few of us New To You ladies were invited to the opening event for Bally Tysons Galleria. Hosted by Esquire Magazine and attended by the Swiss Ambassador, H. E. Manuel Sager and Mrs. Christine Sager. Ten percent of the proceeds from the night benefitted FAIR Fund, a DC based organization devoted to battling human trafficking of youth and raising awareness in the community.

It was a testosterone laden feast, a smattering of woman, but in all honesty it was the men in the 5,000 dollar suits that made it a happening event. There were handsome men dressed to the nines. One man was in a beautiful grey tweed suit, with chocolate leather pockets. There were men in bow ties, horned rimmed glasses and bright button up shirts... gorgeous gorgeousness all around! It was really nice seeing men who looked fantastic, because, God knows we love seeing them that way. There was only one man in khakis and a polo- Must not have gotten the memo about the cocktail attire, we did our best to put our blinders on. All in all a fabulous night!

Posted by Gechi Robertson

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