Not Just a ski suit!

I have always been a fan of two wheels. The first time I road was on a family vacation in Key West and since then we rented them every vacation we took. This past July I took a motorcycle safety course, received my license and bought my 160cc scooter that very weekend. I have ridden through rain, wind and now cold and snow. When it first started getting chilly in the evenings, I would layer up. Though, I knew there was no way I could ride all through winter this way. Luck struck when a Post Card ski suit came into the shop. I toyed with the idea of wearing the suit on my scooter, but let it hang on the rack for a few days. When one of the first coldest days blew in, I tried it on and instantly love with the brown quilted suit, not only is it unbelievable warm and comfortable, but is elegant and covered in little details, like the fox fur hood and airplane buckle belt with the company logo on it. I would recommend buying a designer suit to anybody, whether it be for a motorbike, ski or a fun day out in the snow! We have two suits currently in the store, both of which are Bogner, established by Olympic skier Wilhelm Bogner in 1936.

Posted by Gechi Robertson

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