International Women's Day

International W omen's Day started back around 1911 to celebrate women throughout the world and to appreciate their spirit, drive and desire to be treated equally. I started to think off all the women that I have admired throughout my life and I wrote a number of the names down below. I realized that I had one heck of a list working and thought I would share it. So who have I forgotten? I'm sure so many inspirational women have been left off of this list. I would love to see who you think should be added. So, which women have inspired YOU in your life?

Elizabeth Barret Browning

Clare Booth Luce

Marian Anderson

Charlotte Bronte

Edith Head

Gloria Steinem

Mary Kay

Remedios Varo

Katherine Hepburn

Condoleeza Rice

Agatha Christie

Lillian Gish

Julia Child

Ruby Dee

Shirley Temple

Mother Theresa

Mrs. Roosevelt

Barbara Jordan

Marie Curie

Billy Holiday

Frieda Kalo

Mary Cassatt

Beatrix Potter

Sojourner Truth

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Neferttititi

Berthe Morisot

Jane Austin

Margaret Thacher

Rosa Parks

My mother

Carol Burnett

Diana Vreeland

Wilma Mankiller

Emily Dickinson

Aretha Franklin



Martha Graham

Kathy Smith

Grace Kelly

Audrey Hepburn

Ginger Rogers

Margaret Bourke White

Martina Navratilova

Josephine Baker

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