St. Patrick's Day

How to Avoid those pesky pinchers!

-Even if your closet isn't full of wearable green pieces

If you can't find the perfect green frock, incorporate shades of green into your beauty regime for the day! We understand it seems a bit risky, as green makeup tends to bring scary images of Poison Ivy and senile old ladies! However given the many different products and variety of formulas from sheer to shimmery to bright concentrated pigments, not to mention the large spectrum of clover - inspired shades to choose from, it's actually simple to incorporate green into your makeup routine no matter how subtle or striking you'd like the look to be. Bolder beauties can slick a sparkly green nail polish, or even attempt to pull off a green- tinted lip-gloss, and another option would be to try a smokey eye effect with a dark green eyeshadow!

WARNING: We wouldn't recommend wearing all of these products at once!

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