Loving Summer!

I just love summer this year as it has been soooo lovely with low humidity and all around fab weather. I also love the summer time because it is so easy to get dressed. Light, bright, easy colors in feather weight fabrics are all around. Jeans and cute tee shirt with some strappy sandals with sea shells on them. A striped halter dress with some fun wedges. Bright color earrings with my hair plopped up on top of my head. Always carrying a sweater because it is so cold when ever I go inside a building. Sheesh, the a/c is blowing like mad all the time and I wonder why people like it so very cold, winter is bad enough without making it cold even in the summer for crying out loud. I really enjoy dressing people for all sorts of summer events too; Picnics, graduations, family reunions, dog fights, weddings, special dinners with that certain someone, drinks with friends, etc. Mmm, Popsicles, fresh fruit galore, watermelon, tomatoes, iced lemonade, barbecue (and the delight of watching lightening bugs glisten in the dark), ice cream cones, seafood, staying out late after dark, gossiping with friends, skinny dipping (where is that happening?), going to the beach, gazpacho, big designer shades. Oh, I could go on and on and luckily summer has only just begun...(no matter that malls dump all their summer clothing one week into the program) there are still quite a few delightful hot summer weeks, days and nights still to welcome. My favorite thing of all is to dine al fresco.

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