What to Wear, What to Wear? We Have Answers on How to Dress for Those Office Holiday Parties!

This is an exciting time of year for fashion-lovers. We get to dress-up, wear sparkles, and be fabulous! So, the office party is always a tricky one...you want to get all dolled up, but you don't want to go overboard, right?

Picking the outfit...

It is winter, so dress weather-appropriate. Don't pull out those light-weight fabrics and pale, whimsical florals. Instead opt for heavier fabrics and more jewel-toned colors. There is always the Little Black Dress to pump up with accessories. There is also always the option of separates, which may take a little more thought, but can be easier to put together than you think. If you have a gorgeous top, pair it with something less obvious on the bottom, and vice versa. Don't over-think it.

Emphasizing and Accessorizing the outfit...

Here, at New To You, we are all about the accessories.
  • You wear practical, work-appropriate shoes everyday, so now is the chance to break out those stunning metallic heels, patent booties, or sequin peep-toes. We know, comfort is key, but the party is only a few hours long, right?
  • Wearing that Little Black Dress acts as canvas for sparkle and glitter! Have fun with your jewelry! Do you have a magnificent cocktail ring, a wristful of bangles, shimmery dangly earrings, or a trendsetting rhinestone bib necklace? Well, break them out, only not all at once. One or two pieces of statement jewelry at a time is a good rule of thumb...you don't want to look like you are trying too hard.
  • As with shoes, your everyday bag is probably practical and big enough to lug around everything you need in a given day. So for this evening occasion, let's switch it up. Trade your everyday bag for a smaller wristlet, clutch, or a chain-strap evening bag. As Tim Gunn says, "The dressier the affair, the smaller the handbag." Your bag does not have to match your shoes, it all just has to "go", meaning work together and be in the same family.

Now, we know your weeks and weekends are probably jam-packed throughout December with fun and festive parties and Holiday activities, but we are happy to help with all of your fashion needs and questions at here at New To You. We have some gorgeous pieces in that will work wonderfully for this Holiday season!

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