Haori Fashion

Did you go through your closet and realize that the only light sweater you can throw over your shoulders are cardigans in different colors? If you want something different with the same effect you can grab a beautiful silk "throw-over" like a haori. Haori are mid-length coats that are traditionally worn over kimonos, they are worn to protect the kimonos materials from weather elements, therefore they can work the same way for the outfit you've got on.

Haori are not limited to traditional Japanese costume, you can drape one over an evening outfit or just like a cardigan with a tank and jeans.

Below are photos of a few beautiful haori pieces at New To You. Come try them on with the outfit you have on, show off the fashionista in you with an outfit that is illustrated when East meets West.

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Karena said...

these are gorgeous and fabulous addition to a drab wardrobe. How would you dress up or down these pieces?