Help for Haiti

We are all saddened and overwhelmed by the devastation in Haiti. We cannot even imagine what the Haitians must be going through, but we can all do our part, whether it be a monetary donation or even a prayer, to keep the Haitians in our thoughts and hearts.

Some people are going above and beyond to help in this horrifying situation...Dr. Gilbert Irwin started Medical Missionaries in 1997 to help poor nations with healthcare. The focus has been on the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti in a town called Thomassique. Dr. Irwin built a clinic in Thomassique, which is 80 miles awa
y from Port-au-Prince, and medical Missionaries have been traveling to the site of the earthquake to aid in relief.

Here, at New to You, we work with ECHO (see previous Blog 11.24.2009). We are happy to say that ECHO, with Medical Missionaries and Dr. Gilbert Irwin, will be sending numerous items to Haiti, namely wheelchairs and crutches. We are so happy to be aligned with an organization like ECHO, and are hopeful that their efforts along with Dr Irwin will shed some relief on the people of Haiti. Please check out the medical Missionaries website
http://www.medmissionaries.org/id88.html see where and how you can help to.

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