How do you get dressed?

Every day you have to do it - get dressed and put yourself out there. So how do you decide what to put on your body? I've been asking around and there are a number of ways to go about this.

Beth - She plans the night before, choosing very carefully exactly what she is going to put on in the morning according to what she has scheduled for herself the next day. Beth is not a morning person so trying to make an impact outfit would be too challenging for her in the a.m. Starting with the upper body, deciding which jacket or blouse will work, she then proceeds to figure out the skirt/slacks with shoes coming in last.

Chrissy - Picks one item out that she wants to wear that day and everything else becomes based around that one piece. She usually thinks about her choice while she takes a shower that way as soon as she's out she is ready to gather all the items. Jewelry is usually the last item chosen.

Gechi - Is rather like Chrissy; the night before she decides on the main items to be worn the next day and then makes layers in order to stay warm.

Christina - I find myself deciding a short while before I am to leave the house what I want to wear. I usually have a mantra running through my head saying, "Go, Go, Go." I find that this procedure does not always pan out too well. I often have to just say forget it and fall back on something easy and familiar. This is not to say that I look like I am half-baked, just not as adventurous as I might actually want to be. Many times I will decide that I want to project a particular image such as; rock and roll, casual sophistate, or euro-chic. When I take that route I definitely need more time to think it all out.

Patti - Always looks pulled together. She finds that putting items on the bed and carefully laying them out with their entirety is the way to go. She will change out different boots, purses, or necklaces until she has found the "perfect" ensemble. She will decide whether she will be on her feet all day or not, so shoes come first into her mind. Next, a jacket or top followed by slacks, then jewelry. The choice of a purse always is the last decision.

Kelly and Kendra - both are last minute dressers. Kelly thinks about the top first and Kendra thinks shoes first. Kelly plans out in the mind, thinking "does this go with that." Kendra is throwing on items at the last minute. Now Kendra often purchases items that are in the same color scheme and style therefore all her pieces mix and match and complement each other.

Everyone agrees that there are a few universal decisions that must be made -
* How long will I be standing or walking?
* What is the weather doing?
* Whom will I be meeting with?
We would love to hear from you if you have any input about your dressing style.

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