Designer Snapshots - Captain Edward Molyneux

"Never falling prey to exaggeration, he continually maintained sight of the elegant."- Milbank Couture, The Great Designers

Captain Edward Molyneux - Born 9/5/1891, Died 3/23/1974
Being a true Renaissance man, Captain Edward Molyneux excelled in many aspects of his life. Being a war hero, an art aficionado, a sportsman, and dressmaker to the most distinguished of clientele (including the likes of Princess Marina of Greece, the Duchess of Windsor, and stage and film personalities Gertrude Lawrence and Lynn Fontane), he eventually opened his own couture house in Paris. He was always known for his conservative "pretty and sleek," yet never matronly silhouettes. His designs were truly classic, as many have surpassed any comings and goings of trends, and remain respectfully at the peak of beautiful design.

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