impromptu dinner

I decided to invite my friends over for an impromptu dinner last Friday. I was driving home around six o'clock and just thought I would call my friend at work and ask her and her husband over for a quick bite. We decided on a time an hour and a half hence and I ran over to Whole Foods to see what I could find to prepare for dinner.  I walked around sampling the wine, cheese, and cevechi that was dotted around the WF and finally decided on a cranberry cheese with crackers for an appetizer. I dug around in my memory for the ingredients in a ham, sherry, pasta, parsley and mushroom dish that I had not made for years, and purchased a lovely bottle of white wine as well. The strawberries smelled delicious so thought they would be yummy with some cream and pound cake.
I got home with a bit of time to spare so I chilled the wine, laid the table, freshened up and with a knock on the door, my friends had arrived. I was delighted when they presented me with a beautiful array of purple, yellow and white iris, wrapped up in newspaper, just picked out of their garden. We spent a few hours together listening to music, discussing our weekend plans and catching up. All in all I think an impromptu dinner is something that I must do more often.
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