Cotton Fabrics

 Cotton - such a marvelous fabric.

Furry -  Our first photo shows a skirt made from chenille - French for caterpillar :) The flowers are raised and look a bit like fur.

Authentic - The yellow, white and black tote is a utility cotton that is coated. The fabric is Liberty of London for Target. The details in the flowers is lovely.

Sheer - Chloe blouse is a voile cotton - sheer and lightweight. The yarns are tightly twisted which ensures a semi-transparent plain weave.

Smooth - The Lawn ombre top is so lightweight and fine. It is perfect for a day that is very warm.

Functional - Denim jeans by Paige.  The weave is dense and work-a-day. Paige denim is high quality, with lots of attention paid to the details of the slacks.

Textured - Seersucker jacket by Juicy Couture. One of my all-time favorite summer time fabrics. It looks cool, collected and makes the wearer appear calm and in-charge. Seersucker has a crinkly look to it.
The cotton Ralph Lauren polo tops are a comfortable cotton pique. These polo shirts can be worn all year round and come in a multitude of colors.

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