Sizzling hot and seeing dots

Our style campaign this week was a whole lot of fun. I personally love, love, love red as it is such a power color. Whenever you put on some red you will automatically feel stronger. Fire! That is what we are talking about. It has always been a tricky one to wear as sometimes it wears you instead of the other way round. I enjoy wearing a nice "true" red and by that I mean a red with some blue in it. I know some of you are saying, "wait a minute, why isn't a red with orange in it a true red?" The answer is, I don't know, it just isn't!
Dots really can make you feel good and sometimes giddy as well. You can find a kaleidoscope of colors or just a mix of two. Of course, the shadow dots are sophisticated because they are so subtle and barely there - playful yet saying, I am efficient and thorough as well.

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