The Wristlet: The Purse’s Petite Cousin

Every woman loves a great purse; smooth leather, clean lines, and great color all make a purse a complementary accessory to any outfit. Not to mention the fact that they can store lip-gloss, keys, wallets, mints, check books, and in extreme cases, snacks. But sometimes, after lugging around your life that favorite bag, you need a break. At crowded parties, while running errands, and on days that involve a lot of walking, a purse can be a quite a pain in the neck.

Fortunately, these decisions have prompt the creation of the “wristlet,” an upscale coin-purse that can hold credit cards, ID, cash, and even a lipstick or two. These zipper pouches that can come in fabric or leather have a strap that can be worn comfortably around the wrist. Wristlets are not just to hold your change inside your bag anymore; many times they can be carried on their own, and many high-end brands are now creating fashionable options. Because they are less of a financial commitment, you can have multiple to match a number of outfits and occasions. So next time you go out, reconsider swapping your giant carry-all for a stylish little wristlet.

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