Rain, Rain, Go Away!

As tropical storms and hurricanes send remnants of rainy weather across the country, a national fashion conundrum is created: what kind of shoes does one wear under such conditions? Classically-stylish leather and suede shoes are fair-weather friends; they could be ruined in the rain if not properly pre-treated. In order to keep feet dry and happy, one must turn to the tried and trusted rain boot.

Rain boots, or Wellington boots, used to be classified as yellow or a muted brownish-green shade and were generally not very fashionable. However, style-conscious versions of the “wellie” have become popular in recent years from Burberry to Target. These snazzy shoes come in a variety of colors and designs. Depending on the statement you want to make, you can choose from boots covered in hearts, flowers, or dog prints or stick with shiny blacks, reds, and browns. Just make sure the boots have a slimmer line; especially wide-legged boots can be unflattering to calves. Some boots, such as the ones in Marc Jacob’s collection, come in heeled varieties, a rubber equivalent of their sexy leather counterparts. Whatever your preference, grab a pair of rubber boots for those rainy days, and join us in a good round of puddle-jumping.

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