Dress for Success

Job interviews, theatrical auditions, and even speed-dating all require dressing to impress, and the girls here at New to You want to help you do just that. When meeting new people or entering new situations, a put-together appearance is crucial to first impressions. The best approach to “dressing for success” is to dress appropriately for the situation while allowing your personality to shine through.

But how do you stay business conservative while still expressing your fashion sense? For job interviews, keep it simple except for one unique piece. A dark navy, gray, or black suit with an appropriate blouse and skirt/slacks is the typical interviewing uniform, traditionally paired with matching leather heels, bag, and occasionally a belt. Make sure to choose pieces that fit right- not too loose or tight- and are of a well-made material. In line with the theme of simple, high quality suiting, keeping your make-up subtle but put together and your hair well-managed is an essential part of the interview look. Also, make sure nails are clean and manicured, and if you wear perfume, keep the intensity of the scent at a minimum.

Now that you have the basic ensemble, add a piece that is all your own style. An interesting brooch, necklace, scarf, or hair clip can make you stand out from the crowd because of your simple, chic fashion taste- not because of your bright purple leather skirt. While your professional skills and charming personality should do the talking- not your clothes- looking your best allows you to project confidence and a sense of individuality.

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