Last Minute Costumes: Halloween Chic for Under $10

It’s noon. You have to go to the office Halloween party in six hours, and you are without a costume and on a budget. Never fear, the girls at New to You have come up with some brilliant, quick ideas to make you look great for less with one stop at the drugstore.
Quick Costume Number One: Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton. With the election only days after Halloween, dressing as your “favorite” female candidate can be clever and fun. For a Sarah Palin look, try a bright button up with a sleek black skirt. Go heavy on the foundation, blush, and mauve lip gloss, and throw your hair into a teased updo with curled bangs if you have them. Grab some Palin-shaped reading glasses at the drug-store and pop out the lenses if they are too strong to see through. Total cost: about 6 dollars for glasses. Hillary Clinton can be achieved with a bright colored pantsuit, and hair arranged in a feathered way. Don’t be shy when using the hairspray, and remember to match your eyeshadow to your suit! Total cost: 3 dollars for drugstore-brand bright eyeshadow.
Quick Costume Number Two: Police Officer. Black Shirt? Check. Khaki pants? Check. Throw these on and grab a sheriffs badge and aviator sunglasses at a craft or party store to complete the look. If you are feeling flirty, snag some handcuffs or a pad of “tickets” for being too sexy! Total cost: 3 dollars for badge/ 6 dollars for glasses.
Quick Costume Number Three: Private School Girl. Overdone? Probably. Do you have all the components in your closet? Definitely. Throw on your white button up dress shirt, short khaki skirt (bonus points if you own one with pleats), knee socks, and ballet flats. A plaid scarf or headband will complete the look. Total cost: Nothing!

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