Vintage Boots: Do's and Don'ts

All the rage this fall, vintage boots are popping up in fashion magazines, college campuses, and even the office. But how do you pick a pair sure to please? Three important factors determine if your most recent find is right for you: condition, fit, and brand.
The most important aspect of any vintage garment or accessory is the condition. Don’t just check the outside of boots for damage; the lining and sole are likely to be worn even if the leather is not. Shoe insoles can fix problems on the inside of shoes, but be weary of ripped or worn out soles. Also, if you intend to wear them during wintery weather, make sure they have decent traction and that the leather has been treated or treat it yourself.
Because someone has already broken in the boot, you need to play Cinderella and make sure the shoe fits. Try them on and walk around the store in them to make sure they are comfy and appropriately support your arch. Keep in mind that they will not reform to your feet to the same degree that brand-new boots would, so make sure they fit well right away.
Finally, before investing in a classic boot, research the brand. How does the price you are being asked compare to the original price? When were the boots made and where? A high quality boot will last you years, even if they are vintage. Because these shoes have been worn before, quality becomes especially important in making sure they last you a lifetime too.
Vintage boots are a great investment, and always a fashion “do.” Just make sure your pair are in excellent condition, fit well, and show a high quality of workmanship. If you have any questions, drop us a line at New to You. We love to hear from you and help you select high quality vintage apparel!

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