Resale in New York

My daughter, a couple of friends and I went consignment shopping in New York City and Brooklyn recently and had a fabulous time. It was so exciting to see how popular resale shopping is in a big city. Every shop we went into had a mass of people scooping up all sorts of fun bargains and great style. We saw everything from pure vintage to designer labels to an eclectic mix of medicore to one of a kind fashion. It was such a good time to find people that are interested in refining their own look instead of just following whatever is dictated by the big chain stores of the moment. Everyone of us managed to pick up a number of pieces that made our hearts go pitter patter; from purses, to boots, to sweaters, to colorful tops we just shopped, shopped, shopped until our time was done. I managed to pick up a number of business cards while shopping so will make sure to give you some names of the shops we enjoyed the most the next time I blog.

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