Green Giving

This year, green giving is not only a hip trend to follow, but a way to help Mother Earth during the holiday season. And what better way to recycle and reuse than by giving a vintage gift! A brooch, necklace, or scarf can be a great option for the women on your list, while leather gloves or a smart hat can be perfect for the men. Not only are you promoting green behavior, but you are also passing on a timeless piece to the next generation. You can even wrap your presents in an earth-friendly way, by using part of the gift as your wrapping, such as covering your main gift with a festive scarf. Gift bags and clever wrapping papers, like the Sunday funnies or vintage newspapers from antiques shops, can cut down on paper waste. If you need any advice in choosing a green, reusable gift, stop by New to You and check out our selection of vintage gifts.

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