Great Style Books

I enjoyed a couple of books recently that really spoke to what it is that we do here at New to You.

The first one is Lucky Guide to Mastering any Style by Kim France and Andrea Linett and the second one is Who Do You Want To Be Today: Be Inspired to Dress Differently by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine.

I found both fashion books intriguing because they really ask that you look at the way you express yourself. When you get dressed each and every day it always seems to be such a challenge. For many of us, we just put on the body whatever is the easiest item that just covers us up. It requires little or no thought to dress this way and seems safe. This ususally seems to be the "uniform" that we wear ALL THE TIME. Dressing ourselves is one of the easiest ways that we can express our real selves but if this is true than many of us are in a murky rut. It does seem that many times we forget that we are women, not bosses, not mothers, not wives, not grandmothers, but women... first and foremost.

These books make us say to ourselves, Who am I and what image am I presenting to the world?
Are you Euro Chic, Arty Slick, American Classic, Bombshell or are you dressed like you are taking out the garbage? Like it or not we are always being judged and these books help us clarify our inner and outer selves. Dressing and presenting ourselves to the world can be really hard work but these books help ease the pain a bit.

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