Holiday Fashion: Warm Leggings and Forgiving Dresses

It’s a yearly dilemma: you want to look good for holiday celebrations with family and friends, but you also want to eat. A lot. What’s a girl to do? Pair leggings or tights, a winter fashion staple, with a knit or cotton jersey dress. The tights will help keep everything, well, tight, while the dress can hide all those snacks. This season’s loose-waisted bubble dresses accomplish this goal perfectly.
To make it extra-festive, accessorize! To keep away from cheesy reds and greens, instead pair winter colors, like royal purple or light blue, with deep grays or black. Add glittery jewelry that sparkles like the snow. Bright scarves or a hat and leather boots will keep you warm as you venture out into the elements. Now, go eat all those appetizers and look fabulous at the same time. Who knows, you might meet someone under the mistletoe!

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