The Jet Set: Travel (and Dress) Smart

The holiday season sends many of us on trains, planes, and buses to the homes of loved ones during the most congested travel time of the year. The girls at New to You have come up with some tips for dressing and packing comfortably, yet fashionably, when battling the holiday crowds.
1. Don’t wear heels. Women in high-heels during the holiday airport rush just appear to be in pain. Additionally, running, especially on moving walkways, creates a veritable health risk when trying to catch a flight in stilettos. If you really need to wear them upon arriving, bring them in your carry-on and put them on before reaching baggage-claim.
2. Remember to pack your carry-on liquids in zip-lock bags. The TSA allows a limited amount of liquids in your carry-on, so if possible, put them in your checked baggage. However, if it is essential that you have them with you, make sure to check the guidelines ahead of time and pack accordingly, because you don’t want your designer perfume or expensive hand lotion to be confiscated by the TSA!
3. Being able to quickly identify your luggage saves you a lot of time at baggage check. Instead of opting for a neon-green bag, look for luggage tags with fun prints or colors that let you know which piece is yours, without screaming it to the rest of the passengers.
4. Dress in layers. While running to catch a train or standing in close quarters can make you warm, the cold weather and airflow on buses and trains will make you regret that sleeveless shirt. Try scarves, pull-overs, and cardigans that can easily be added or subtracted.
With these tips in mind, you are ready to travel! Make sure to book your tickets early, arrive at the airport in plenty of time, and pack your sense of humor: everyone’s a little frazzled this time of year!

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